See below for downloads of various resources related to Sola 5.


The Sola 5 booklet details the association’s Confession of Faith, Core Values and Constitution. We strongly encourage all Sola 5 churches and associate members to familiarize themselves with the contents of this booklet. You can download the booklet here.


From time to time, Sola 5 churches are asked to provide updates on their church life and ministry. All of these updates are published in full on the church website, but we try to make updates available too in PDF format for download, printing and distribution. We will add PDF newsletters as they become available.


The Sola 5 Chronicles is a publication that is produced and distributed amongst Sola 5 churches that includes church updates, important Sola 5 information, and various articles written by Sola 5 churches and members. These are unfortunately not always available in downloadable format, but when they are we will make them available to you. Click the links below to access available editions of the Chronicles.


Sermons that are preached at the various Sola 5 (and related) conferences can be found here. Additionally, you can follow us on Facebook, where you will often find links to Sunday sermons preached in Sola 5 churches.


  1. We would like to apply for membership for Sola5. We are still being planted by Kabwata Baptist Church and so we have a missionary pastor. how can we process our membership? Can we get Kabwata Baptist Church to apply for us. We are almost an autonomous church but we have not yet installed our own elders.

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