Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. It is always a sobering thought to think that God has send his son to reconcile us with God. We are now having brothers and sisters around the world. It is because of this family that I am writing to thank all of you for your partnership in the gospel. I know that some I haven’t met you in person. But one day we will meet in whether here on earth or in heaven.

Pay Attention to Yourself and Your Doctrine

In Acts 6:4, we observe that the apostles guarded two disciplines in their lives: prayer and the word. I decided to listen to Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones’s sermons on prayer and revival. I was encouraged to spend more time in prayer and the word. I have also started to teach our people on the significance of prayer. We have looked at the different aspects of prayer.

One of our leaders testifies that the teaching on prayer has really encourage us to desire to pray more. Not only has it encouraged us to pray, but it has also challenged our preaching. It has awoken in us a hunger for God’s word. Preparing sermons has been a blessing than just a task. The truths of God’s word have come alive. Our sermon reviews are always engaging.

As a husband and father, I have been striving to honour God in fulfilling my responsibility to my wife and kids. The Lord has called me to love my wife as he loves the church. As I was praying about my responsibility to my wife and asking God to help me, I realised that I need to work on our friendship. We do many things together, but we don’t have time to play and to have fun. We are trusting in the Lord to have two-to-three days’ vacation. We do hope that the Lord will make this possible.

Our children are doing well. Our son, Zanecebo, likes drawing. He can write his name at the age of five. He draws family pictures and signs them by putting his name and then hangs those pictures in our room. The funny thing is that his sister seems to be gifted in singing, not in drawing, so she tries to copy her brother.

My wife received an invitation to one of our likeminded church to speak about purity. It was good to see her wrestling with the text of Scripture. It was her first invitation as a speaker. A few ladies from the church accompanied her as I fathered our children. She was so happy for the opportunity.

I Will Build My Church

Our people have been consistent in involvement in different ministries in the church. We have started young adults, and women’s and men’s meetings. Both women’s and men’s meetings are well attended. In our men’s meetings, we have focused on the disciplines of a godly man by reading and discussing R. Kent Hughes’s book with the same title. We were challenge by chapter 3 of the book on fatherhood. Many of the men were not raised by their fathers or by Christian fathers. This chapter opened wounds for many. But we took courage in the fact that we are now children of God and can look to him as our Father in heaven.

Our leaders have realised the need to reach out to youth and children with the gospel. Since COVID-19, it has been hard to get into schools. We pray that, when the schools open, we will be able to visit the schools where we used to do Student Christian Organisations (SCO).

We are grateful for school holidays. This week, we will start a holiday Bible club, during which we hope to gather children in the community and share with them Bible stories, teach them memory verses, and share the gospel. Since this will be during the week, we have few volunteers for this year. We trust that the Lord will add to our team as the week progresses. Please pray that the Lord will save many of these young people.

The ladies in the church spoiled us on Father’s Say. They prepared well for us, which left us a bit embarrassed because we didn’t prepare anything for Mother’s Say. But we have learned our lesson. We can’t wait for the next women’s event. It is encouraging to see the church wanting to outdo each other in good works.


The first day I arrived in Daveyton, my desire was to see many biblical churches being planted in the townships. We haven’t been involved in planting churches. As Pastor Conrad Mbewe says, many people think that missions is for big churches. As the leaders, we have discussed that the need is great, but the workers are few.

However, the Lord has given us a young couple that desires to be involved in a church plant. At this stage, we are praying and considering the right time to send them out. There is still a great need to see word-based churches being planted in our township.

Waiting On the Lord

On the issue of the building project, we are still waiting. We are at the final consultation with the municipality. We are told that, if approved, we will be able to lay the foundation. Our architect told us that part of the reason this project took that long is that, in townships, things happen slow. Also, the municipality doesn’t take township churches seriously. Few township churches have followed the process the way we did. One friend of mine said that going with me to the municipality made him feel guilty because they didn’t follow the process we are following. We are not claiming to be more spiritual, but we want to do things to the glory of God.

Until the Whole World Hears

The mission of taking the gospel to the end of the earth is still on. The Lord has done it again. He has opened a door to preach at a popular Christian radio station: Radio Pulpit. One of our friends was given a slot to preach for twenty minutes every Thursday. He has opened that opportunity for me as well. The plan was to rotate at least once in a month but, because he is working, I’ve been preaching more often than he.

After preaching my second sermon, I was told that the manger wanted to see me. She told me that they were listening to my preaching. She said she loved the content. She then offered me another slot that she called “your slot.” She wants me to come to the studio and record at least five sermons, which they will then play in their “church” program. I was so glad for that opportunity. She said that I can preach in IsiZulu. I was so happy because some people at church were listing with their parents and they wondered why we preach in English. I was glad for that. I have already recorded the first five sermons and have been given another date in July to record five more. I do pray that the Lord will keep this do open.

Pray Without Ceasing

Please thank God with us. He is growing his church spiritually and numerically. Pray that those who are still visitors will finish the membership process and take membership.

Pray that, as the minister of the gospel, I will pay attention to my fitness so that I will run longer and be effective in serving the Lord and my family. Pray also that I will not neglect my primary responsibility of shepherding my household. Pray that I will create an environment that is full of joy at home for my kids and my wife. Pray for the door that the Lord has opened at Radio Pulpit: that I will preach his word in boldness and that the Lord will grow his church and save the lost.

Pray for two of our leaders who are at Shepherd’s Seminary. They are working hard. We have one leader who is also interested in doing studies at the Bible college. Due to his young family, he is unable to pay for the studies. We are contemplating of taking him as an intern with the plan to send him out. Pray that God will give us wisdom as we think about these opportunities.

Pray for the Lord to keep adding daily those who are being saved. Pray for church members to selflessly serve others.

Pray for our that building plan will be approved so that we can start with the building process. Pray also for God’s provision. We have learned that we must hire someone who will manage our building and making sure that relevant documents are made with the constructors.

Thank you for your prayers and your interest in our ministry.

For Grace Baptist Church,

Chris Mnguni, pastor