Who Says?

wsthumbA couple of weeks ago, News24 carried the following report:

God has handpicked Nelson Mandela Bay’s ANC Mayoral candidate Danny Jordaan to rise up in the fight for the city, he was told at a blessing ceremony on Sunday.

And if Nelson Mandela Metro falls into the hands of the “enemy,” there would be suffering on a biblical scale, an influential church leader warned.

Jordaan’s campaign was blessed by the Bantu Church of Christ in New Brighton, Nelson Mandela Bay. The fifth bishop of the Bantu Church of Christ, Bishop John Bolana, who is said to have more than two million followers countrywide, praised Jordaan for the work he had done in the metro.

Speaking at a Women’s League event at the church, the bishop read from the book of Judges, on the rise of Judah, and compared him to Jordaan.

“Today, God is telling me to tell you, people of PE, that if you take and follow my words today, then he will be with you. God is answering us and telling us that Comrade Danny Jordaan will rise up and fight against the enemy, because he has given Nelson Mandela Metro into his hands,” Bolana said.

Hmm. Apparently this “influential church leader” misheard the Lord. Just check the election results. Was that Bolana or Bologna?

Read the full article here.

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