The Sola 5 association is designed to be a genuine fellowship of God’s people participating together in faith and ministry. Such a fellowship is based on the sharing of biblical values. It is these Core Values which make Sola 5 a most distinct association of churches. These values express the convictions and practices that have grown out of our doctrine and theology. They put hands and feet on our Confession of Faith.

It is extremely important, therefore, that the brethren in our churches share these values. Real heart and soul convictions about such matters as the Core Values cover grow over time through being exposed to and made to think about the Scripture’s teaching on them. None of us think biblically automatically.

That is what these discussion questions are for. This is a tool for use in Bible studies, home fellowship groups or even new members’ classes. The questions are designed to provoke thought, stimulate discussion and interact with the Scriptures. They not only provide a way to inculcate these values into our churches, but in the process of discussion, to reveal what values our people presently have so we know where more teaching needs to be done.

Many of these questions focus on application and experience since these values must be part of real life. Be specific in answering them. Bring the principles into concrete practices.

The Core Values are laid out in a general order of dealing with those matters common to man as man followed by those matters common to man as Christian. We begin with God-centredness because that is our worldview and the basis of everything else for everyone else, whether a person is Christian or not.

A good approach to using this discussion guide is to first read through the value. Then you may various people in the group locate and read the Scriptures provided as you come to discuss that part of the value.

Proceed through the questions in order allowing for lively discussion and contemplation of the issues addressed. If you find other Scriptures or questions helpful, add them into your discussion (and send them to us for inclusion in future editions).

May our great God and Saviour bless you as you seek to instil biblical values in your heart and life!

The Core Values of Sola 5