Three African ministries which rocked my theological socks in 2013

Tyrell Haag

Tyrell HaagTyrell Haag is a friend and a co-worker for the gospel. Along with Michael Rogers, he pastors Heritage Baptist Church. I know Tyrell as an apologist and try and dial into Radio Pulpit on Fridays, where he takes questions and answers them live on radio (phone 012 334 1322 or SMS 37871 to take part). Tyrell is a great guy to sit down and have a coffee with but when coffee chats aren’t an option you can read what he’s currently thinking about on his blog Called. Convicted. Converted.

Clint Archer

Clint ArcherI try and listen to South African preachers. One of the guys I exposed myself to last year was Clint Archer. He pastors Hillcrest Baptist Church. He has a fresh preaching style and enjoys the illustration hook. He is a graduate of The Master’s Seminary (holding a doctorate in expository preaching). He blogs in two places The Cripple Gate (which I follow) and Café Seminoid (which I’ll start following going forward).

Conrad Mbewe

Conrad MbeweConrad Mbewe isn’t South African (so I changed my title), but he continues to be an interesting guy to follow. He pastors Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia. He spends a great deal of his time flying, and can certainly be described as a conference speaker; however, that’s not what makes him interesting. What makes him interesting is that he boldly says what others dare to think. I like his straight arrow approach to dealing with issues affecting the African continent and am often impressed by how his experience in Zambia resembles my own in South Africa. Conrad blogs on A Letter from Kabwata.

Mark Penrith
Crystal Park Baptist Church