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ACU-LogoOn behalf of the ACU-RSA Board I am appealing to our brethren in Sola 5 churches for help for African Christian University.

As you will have read in the recent news there has been an encouraging start to the Scholars’ Programme in the two “Taster Days”, one for parents and one for potential students. The premises that God has provided for ACU’s use for this programme are ideal.

A few months ago money was raised from two Sola 5 churches to enable us to purchase chairs, but now there is a need to purchase tables and ACU-RSA has been tasked with raising this money. Very large sums have been raised in the USA and Zambia for many other ACU needs, and we have committed to provide help from South Africa for other subsidiary but important projects.

We need between us to raise just over R22 000. I am praying that 10 churches will be able to offer R2200 for this important project. The more churches that are willing to be involved the more encouragement it will be as ACU knows the breadth of fellowship support.

Our US and Zambian brethren have been a fine example in their generosity, for which we give much thanks to God. However this is neither American Christian University nor Zambian Christian University, but African Christian University, and therefore the support of like-minded Reformed churches in Sola 5 territory in Southern Africa is critical – as it will also be when it comes to recruiting students.

Please pray seriously about what you can do to help, and let me know as soon as possible, ideally before the end of June.

If you would like a visit for the presentation to your members of the work of ACU please let me know. The ACU-RSA Board will be more than willing to help.

In Christ and for His glory in the church
Irving Steggles
(Chairman of the ACU-RSA Board)

For Banking details – Please phone Irving Steggles at +27-82-889-0987

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