To the members of the steering committee,

As delegates from Moletsane Baptist, Midrand Chapel, and Living Hope, we would like to put forward the following proposal to the Sola 5 steering committee for your consideration.

Church planting among Sola 5 churches

One of the reasons why Sola 5 exists as an association of churches is to facilitate church planting among likeminded churches. We believe that our church planting efforts would be greatly enhanced if local churches worked together in church planting efforts. How can Sola 5 facilitate in forming such church planting partnerships?

  1. By providing a common doctrinal foundation through its constitution and core values.
  2. By facilitating relationships of trust between the church leadership of local churches through regional fraternals.
  3. By disseminating information about church planting/strengthening opportunities and resources.

Distinct focus at Sola 5 annual conference

It is our conviction that more should be done under Point 3, to no only provide information, but to help churches form a common vision and strategy with regard to joint church planting projects. If local churches form a common vision and strategy at the earliest stages of planning a church plant, then they are likely to work together more meaningfully in the execution of that strategy.

We propose that the needs and opportunities for church planting / strengthening be presented, considered, and discussed annually by delegates from Sola 5 churches at the annual Sola 5 conference and that the conference schedule and program be adjusted accordingly.

  1. Consider both church planting and church strengthening/revitalisation together as both are needed and may benefit from joint efforts.
  2. At a meeting designated for this purpose, individual local churches be allocated time at the conference to present their vision, needs, strategy and available resources with regard to specific church planting/strengthening opportunities and needs.
    • Any member church can request to be given a slot, but must present within specific guidelines (time and content).
    • May be for a new church plant, or a proposal for revitalizing an existing church.
    • The purpose is for other local churches to gather information about church planting/strengthening opportunities where they may be able to offer assistance, experience, or needed resources.
    • Free time should be allocated at the conference, specifically to allow delegates to continue to engage one another around opportunities of mutual interest.
  3. At the annual business meeting, joint Sola 5 church planting/strengthening efforts be presented, and then adopted.
    • Where two or more Sola 5 churches have agreed to partner together in a common church planting/strengthening project, they may put such projects forward to be adopted as an official Sola 5 project.
    • Such projects become “official” not because they are deemed more important or viable than those presented under Point 2 above, but because they have gone beyond the efforts of a single local church and become a joint project. They should have greater detail and clarity with regard to strategy, and be underway or due to begin within 2–3 years.
    • Oversight of church planting/strengthening remains with the local churches concerned and they may agree that a particular local church take primary responsibility for oversight of the church plant.
    • Official Sola 5 projects will be given priority in terms of resources, promotion, progress updates, etc.
  4. Presentations for church planting/strengthening projects under Point 2 and proposals to adopt projects under Point 3 should be submitted two months prior to the annual conference and made available to member churches for prayer/consideration before the conference.

Our Request

We kindly request that the steering committee consider the above proposal and provide us with any comments/concerns. If you are in agreement, we would like this proposal to be put forward at the annual business meeting so that the Sola 5 conference and annual business meeting purpose/agenda/schedule be adjusted for future conferences to accommodate this more predominant church planting/strengthening focus.

Thank you for your service to the association


Donovan Drew (Living Hope)
Sammy Leballo (Moletsane Baptist)
Chris Woolley (Midrand Chapel)