SEX AS GOD INTENDED ITIn recent years we have become increasingly concerned about the large number of Christians coming to us for help in overcoming an enslavement to various kinds of sexual sin. The legalization of same-sex marriages in the United States is further proof that we live in an increasingly immoral world given over and promoting the free expression of sexual sin.

The question we all need to answer is – how do we help Christians escape the entrapment of sexual sin and embrace the full freedom found in the gospel?  And how do we help them maintain purity in an increasingly impure world?

The Association of Certified Biblical Counsellors Africa (ACBC Africa) wants to invite you to a conference ‘Sex as God Intended’ on 16 -18 October 2015 at Lynnwood Baptist Church. This conference will deal with the crucial issue of what is a biblical perspective on sex and how do we implement that perspective in an impure world.

Dealing with sexual sin starts with an understanding of the fact that God has spoken clearly on the issue of sex in His Word and has given us everything we need to know so that as Christians we can walk in that knowledge and in purity (2 Peter 1:3).  We need to see from God’s Word what He has said is normal and normative. In the plenary sessions of this conference Dr Wayne Mack and Dr Joshua Mack will deal with the foundations of a biblical view on sex and also how to communicate that to our children. A final session will be on the essentials of maintaining purity in an impure world.

The breakout sessions are designed to help deal with the issues that arise when we deviate from God’s plan for sex. We will seek to give hope and answers to some of the following issues:

  • Women, whose husbands struggle with pornography
  • Families and churches who have members with a homosexual orientation
  • Church attending, Christ confessing believers who are caught in pornography
  • The pastor’s need for sexual purity & pleasure
  • Helping saints who have fallen into sexual sin

Would you help us in promoting this crucial conference? We have attached a brief document introducing ACBC Africa, a flyer for electronic distribution and a poster that can be printed and given out. Registration has opened on-line at Limited accommodation is available with a priority given to those coming from outside of South Africa.

Sybrand.De.SwardtLooking forward to seeing how God uses this to help bring purity to His church!

Kind regards,

Pastor Sybrand de Swardt

On behalf of the ACBC Steering Committee

Pastor of Lynnwood Baptist Church

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