One of the goals of Sola 5 from the outset was to provide churches and members with a usable website, a central location where all things related to Sola 5 can be noted. Website users will have noticed that the old Sola 5 website recently experienced some technical difficulties.

We have put a good deal of time and effort into redesigning the Sola 5 website. We trust that you will find it a helpful resource as a God-centred evangelical in Southern Africa (or anywhere else in the world you might happen to be).

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the website, please feel free to contact us by means of the contact link in the main menu. Please also let us know if there is anything else related to Sola 5 that you would like to find on the website.

You can find us also on Facebook (or Google+ if you prefer that) and follow us on Twitter.