Education and Training

One of the goals of Sola 5 is to promote biblical training and education. While the local church is the primary training ground for Christians, we recognise the benefit of parachurch training institutions and ministries working alongside the local church to provide training. Below are details about some of the institutions that Sola 5 recommends for Christian training.

Shepherds’ Seminary Africa

Shepherds’ Seminary Africa exists to assist local churches in entrusting biblical truth to faithful men who will be able to teach others also (2 Timothy 2:2). We seek to train and mentor men to shepherd the church of Jesus Christ, by teaching them the exegetical, theological, and practical skills necessary to be excellent students of Scripture, accurate expositors, capable biblical counsellors, Christlike leaders, and competent administrators in caring for the flock.

Learn more about Shepherds’ Seminary Africa here.

African Christian University

The vision of ACU is to be an excellent tertiary educational institution that glorifies God through a training that is biblical worldview-based, innovative, stewardship-oriented and truly African.

The mission of ACU is to educate students from the Christian worldview in the contemporary and historic body of truths through the classical liberal arts and sciences for all spheres of life and vocations by exercising students’ discernment, discipling holistically, and equipping with practical skills.

The core values of ACU include a biblical worldview, the authority of Scripture, Reformed theology, excellence in scholarship, faculty as mentors, whole-life transformation and special relevance to Africa.

The goal of ACU is to equip every student through a mentor-cohort approach with the basic truths, knowledge and abilities that allow learning and advancement of skills individually and in unity with others in any discipline of study, interdisciplinary application or technical vocation. This prepares individuals to excel in the wholeness of life. Biblical discernment practiced through studies across history, cultures and disciplines sharpens grammar, rhetoric and logic skills to the highest academic standards. Integrating astute labor in various professions, services and technical vocations most relevant to African developmental needs combined with the exercised ability to self-teach through study and investigation produces servant-leaders able to entrepreneurially innovate benevolent treatment of Africa’s deepest needs.

Learn more about African Christian University here.

Central Africa Baptist College

Central Africa Baptist College, a non-profit organization, exists to bring glory to God by training the next generation of servant-leaders from across the continent of Africa.

Central Africa Baptist College & Seminary exists to train the next generation of servant-leaders in Africa for Great Commission living.

The mission of Central Africa Baptist College is to glorify God by advancing the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping servant-leaders to be pastors, evangelists, educators and trainers of Christian leaders for service to Christ our King in strategic African ministry.

Our core values include honesty, obedience, wisdom and service.

Learn more about Central African Baptist College here.

Christ Seminary

Christ Seminary, Polokwane, is a non-profit ministry of Christ Baptist Church, Polokwane, South Africa, which also incorporates Samaria Mission.

The seminary is also affiliated to The Master’s Academy International (TMAI), a non-profit organisation providing educational and related resources to a network of biblically-sound training ministries globally.

From its inception in 1997, the seminary has so far trained men from 16 African countries, the US, and Germany.

More than a provider of sound theological education, the seminary’s primary focus is to equip pastors in Africa for effective ministry in their local churches.

Learn more about Christ seminary here.

Mukhanyo Theological College

Mukhanyo is a multi-denominational Reformed Christian institute that strives to glorify Christ through serving African churches! We are dedicated to preparing men and women for the manifold ministries of Christ through his church, by providing holistic, in-depth Bible teaching and training to church leaders, pastors, missionaries and young people.

Our lecturers offer a high level of quality instruction on various levels of academic education to students from a variety of backgrounds. We motivate consistent intellectual, spiritual, and practical growth through spiritual mentoring and experience-developing opportunities.

We encourage evangelism and believe that the Bible is the foundation for all of faith and life. We confess salvation through faith in Christ alone and desire for many people to experience the joy of actively living out this confession.

We continually try to gain a better understanding of the communities in which our students minister so that they may be equipped to address their needs. In conjunction, we offer specialized courses such as African Spirituality and African Church History. We also integrate contemporary issues into basic theological instruction, for example classroom discussions on the errors about the ministry of the Holy Spirit.

Learn more about Mukhanyo Theological College here.

Strengthening Ministries Training Institute

Strengthening Ministries Training Institute (SMTI) was established in 2010 and exists to promote excellence in Biblical Counselling in the local church in South Africa by training and equipping pastors and other Christians in the theologically accurate and practical use of Scripture in understanding and solving the problems of people, and thus promoting growth in and usefulness for Christ in the Church and the world.

Learn more about Strengthening Ministries Training Institute here.