While Sola 5 is an association rather than a denomination, which values the self-government of each member local church, we believe there is great value in associated churches gathering together corporately.

To this end, an annual Sola 5 conference has been held every year since the founding of the association. Attendance to these conferences is encouraged across all member churches, and to assist in this regard, the conference is held in a different country and at a different church each year.

In addition to the Sola 5 conference, the association is pleased to recommend and support a number of other regional conferences. Learn more about each of these conferences below.

Annual Sola 5 Conference

The annual Sola 5 Conference is the annual highlight of the conference. This conference, held in August/September each year, is the one time in the year when all member churches and associates are encouraged to gather together.

The annual business meeting, where membership in the association is approved and renewed, forms a part of this conference, and each year there is opportunity to hear preaching and teaching from pastors of Sola 5 churches.

The conference is organized and hosted by a member church each year. Learn more about past conferences below.

African Pastors’ Conferences

The African Pastors’ Conferences serve to supplement the work of faithful Bible colleges and seminaries by providing basic doctrinal preaching and teaching. For more on the African Pastors’ Conferences, visit the website.

Rezolution Conference

The Resolution Conference is a bi-annual event that seeks to provide a feast for the soul on great expository preaching, God-centered corporate worship, and rich gospel fellowship among likeminded churches. For more information, visit the Rez website.

Spurgeon Fraternal

The Spurgeon Fraternal (SF) is simply a group of men who desire that authentic friendship and fellowship as believers will strengthen them for the pastoral task to which God has called them. Therefore, one of the requirements for attendance at the SF is that you be an elder in a local church, either functioning as a vocational (fulltime, remunerated) pastor, or as one who holds office but does not derive financial support from the church you serve.

A second foundational requirement for membership of the SF is that you see the value of giving yourself in friendship and support of other brothers. By meeting together regularly, being in close contact, enjoying fellowship, stimulation and prayer, we aim to build solid friendships that will be an aid to us in ministry. We learn most from those we trust and love in the Lord. We receive counsel, and even rebuke and correction, most profitably from those who we know are on our side.

The third foundational requirement is that you be sympathetic to the Reformed Faith and the five solas. You do not need to be a Baptist or a convinced Calvinist, but you need to know that one of our sessions at each Fraternal gathering involves discussion of a chapter of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. Men who are united in their core convictions most authentically benefit from each other’s input.

So, to this end, the SF consists of men who voluntarily commit themselves to meeting together twice a year, insofar as God’s providence allows. We have a meeting in the first half of the year (usually in May) somewhere in the Western Cape and in October or early November in Gauteng. Our meetings stretch over two nights and three days involving times of discussion and debate followed by prayer (and, on occasion, fasting) and relaxation. Over the past fifteen years, some sixty different men have been blessed by attendance at the SF.