Brethren, we salute you all in the name of our one and only redeemer, Jesus Christ, whom our Father has given to us so that we may glorify Him and also live with certainty for eternal life.

As we share some news with you we would like to testify that God has been good to us in every way. He has seen us congregate as a church and He has also given us the opportunity to hear His word preached and to share it with those who have no hope for eternal life in Christ Jesus.



Pastor Michael Bwembya



On our team leadership we have two elders. These are Pastor Michael Bwembya and elder Joseph Chanda. These men have continued to put in their best in serving God and His church. In their duties they are helped by one deacon, Lewis Kabika. Initially we had three deacons but due to the movement of people we have remained with one. We would like to ask that you pray with us that the Lord may bring in the rightful men to this office.

Church Membership:

Currently our church membership stands at 40. This is a church that had a membership of about 70 people. The reduction of this membership came about when a number of our people moved on with life for greener pasture out of town and also when the provincial head office was moved from Livingstone to Choma. Initially this movement shook us but with time we are finding our footing and have repositioned ourselves evangelistically. We can testify here that we have some people that are seeking membership with us due to profession of faith and other through baptism. We pray that after we have verified their conversion these people may come into membership.

 Ministries: we have a number of ministries running in our Church namely,

  1. Ladies. This ministry has continued to labour in the area of equipping the woman. Meetings are held quarterly. In this reporting season one highlights that stands out is when our ladies went out to Minister God’s word to prisons at the ladies section. On this visit they also gave out gifts fitting for women in prison.
  2. Youth. Our youth group has suffered a great deal in terms of growth both numerical and spiritual. This is because of a number of them being students pursing deferent careers outside Livingstone. We thank God for this wonderful opportunity rendered to all of them to pursue their dreams. As much as we may want to mourn over their movement we will not because we know that we are also sending out missionaries in the Lord’s vineyard.
  3. Hospitality. This ministries has taken it upon its self to ensure that the visitors on Sunday are well looked after by proving snacks whilst being evangelized or encouraged in the word of God. The ministry is run by four ladies. The coming up of this ministry shows how different groups with different gifting can work for the common good of the kingdom of God.
  4. The media ministry does the recording of sermons and beaming of the songs very Sunday. This ministry has two people heading it.
  5. Issues pertaining married people are discussed in this ministry which is headed by one of our own couple.
  6. Children’s Sunday School Class. Our young ones are taught the word of God and evangelized through this ministry. We currently have three teachers who are involved in this ministry. We desire that we may see more men and women join in the evangelization of little children.

Activities: we have had a number of activities in this year. Some of them are highlighted below.

  1. We have had a number of youth rallies.
  2. We had a Single’s seminar in May the 25th. Pastor Kasongo graced the occasion.
  3. Evangelistic Service in June the 8th taken by David Frew in the morning and John Clifford in the evening. On the 09th June the Brethren took us through in an Evangelism training seminar.
  4. In August 24, we had Ken Jones who took us in for a quest service.
  5. On the 20th September we had Pastor Kalifungwa who took us in a word of encouragement. And on the following day he ministered to us at the guest service.
  6. On the 23rd October the eve of our independence we had a sing along at Church as we joined the rest of the country in celebrating the 50 years of our freedom.


We managed to fix the tiles and the ceiling board in the church sanctuary. One other big task that remains on our shoulders is that of plastering the external walls of the sanctuary.

Pastor’s Mission  trips.

In the course of the year pastor had the opportunities of attending to other ministries outside our local church boundaries. He actually remains grateful to the church for being kingdom minded in serving God.

Some of the ministries that the pastor participated in were that of APC. His portion in APC this year was in Botswana and Zimbabwe. One of the greatest highlights on the Botswana mission asked how he could be helped to be born again. This episode revealed that it was not all church leaders that were served and being evangelistic while equipping the servants of God was not a misplaced approached.

The other ministries that the pastor was involved with were in helping out with evangelistic meetings in Francistown. In here he conducted evangelistic marriage seminars and singles seminars.  The last mission trip by this reporting time was when he stopped over in Mpika at Emmanuel Baptist Church. This is the church that he helped plant some nineteen years ago. It was good to see that the work of good has continued to grow.


In the course of the year we had the opportunity as a church of attending four conferences. We appreciated attending each one of them because they availed us to learn from the scriptures and also gave us the opportunity to be in fellowship with other Brethren. The conferences that we attended were the: Reformed Family conference in Lusaka, Southern Province Regional reformed conference, the Sola 5 conference in Pretoria and the women of our church attended the midlands women’s conference in Kabwe.

Evangelistic Opportunities

We have continued to have evangelistic guest services every quarter of the year. We can testify that God has not denied us people who come through to hear the word of God being preached in our church. On a regular basis we have continued to see a good number of people mostly the unsaved visit with us Sunday after Sunday. Our prayer is that the Lord may save as many people as they visit with us.

We also have a new evangelistic window that the Lord has opened for us. We have a good number of children aged between 7years to 17years from SOS village who have started to congregate with us. Our prayer for these is that the Lord may save all of them. In the last few Sundays we have seen an increase in attendance of these children who attend church with us. This positive challenge has put us on our knees praying for transport to ferry these children to and from church. The same transport would also help to facilitate for the outreach.

Praise items

  1. We remain grateful to the Lord for granting us elders who have led the Lord’s church by the grace apportioned to them.
  2. We thank God for the good health which our Pastor has known, had the Lord not granted this he would not have been able to attend to the many tasks that were set before him.
  3. We are also thankful for the word of God which has continued to be ministered to us every Sunday. We have seen those who have been tasked to bring the word to us doing the best in bringing the undiluted word.
  4. We thank God for the various ministries which have continued to labour in the life of the Church. These ministries have given many amongst us the opportunity to serve their God.
  5. We are also grateful to all of our Brethren outside the Church who have taken interest in the welfare of the church.
  6. We thank God for bringing us this far both as a church and as a Country.
  7. We thank God for the level we have reached in building.

Prayer items

  1. Pray with us as we seek to grow spiritual, numerically and financially as we would like to finish the building project.
  2. Pray with us that both our associates and visitors may come to know the serving knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ as they listen to the word been preached through various means of grace.
  3. Remember us also as we intend to do a Church plantation with our Botswana and Zimbabwean Brethren.
  4. We would like to have church transport for student ministry. Pray with us.

Pastor Michael Bwembya