Yes indeed, by God’s grace, we are still alive and praying.

 It has been a while since I last shared about our church life at Robertson Reformed Community Church (RRCC). We are still alive and praying and holding fast the Word of Life, so that “in the day of Christ we will have reason to glory, because we did not run in vain nor toil in vain”  (Phil. 2: 16).

In obedience, we remain committed to faithfully use the sacred Scriptures to build Christ’s Church – God created the church; otherwise we labour in vain (Ps. 127: 1; Eph. 5: 25; 2 Tim. 3: 16).

Pastor and Church

We continue to praise and thank God for His wise providence and the manner He sustains us – He remains gracious and merciful to us as a Church.

Mark Preaching

For me as their pastor, I endeavour, by God’s grace, to preach and teach His Word as faithfully as I can – even though I am a sinner clothed in Christ’s righteousness.

But, in saying all of this, the ministry has also provided some lessons in humility; I have received some good, constructive, criticism mostly to grow and improve on my preaching skills and sermon delivery.

While the experience was painful at the time, I am grateful and thankful to God – how He works through men and women in RRCC to grow me and mature me in Christ Jesus as their pastor-teacher.

Has my pastoral ministry been easy at RRCC? – yes and no!  My daily pastoral duties as shepherd providing spiritual support and guidance for the problems that confront the flock remain tough but I sleep well at night knowing that it is a privilege to serve our God and Father on a daily basis (Prov. 3: 21-26).

I am equally privileged and encouraged by the tireless support of my wife, Catherine, who has been embraced by the entire RRCC community. She is not only the pastor’s wife, but also as a friend to all the ladies. The people love her and for this we praise and thank God. And yes! – I also give thanks and praise to our leadership and our members and our adherents for their love, prayers and support.

The Life of RRCC

We are very privileged to have the use of the ACVV Dienssentrum – an old Wesleyan Methodist Church Building.


Although we fluctuate in number being a country church – our worship service honours the Gospel so that God can communicate His grace into the lives of the congregation.

Sunday school is held in the kitchen facility and taught primarily by our daughters Tegan and Tyra with occasional assistance from Catherine or one of the Ladies.

Youth: One of our deacons, Mark Powell approached me at the end of 2012 with a proposal for starting a Youth Group. After the first meeting at his home with 7 young teenagers, we now average 22 per Friday night.

Whereas only 3 persons are from the RRCC, the remainder are friends and acquaintances from the local community.

Most meetings are held at our normal church venue but special occasions (braai, games etc.) at other appropriate locations. We praise God for such an opportunity to teach the Gospel of Christ taught to young people.

Young Adults: Recently, we also started a young adults Bible study for our local community. How it came about? – I was approached by a young adult from another church and was asked if I would be willing to start such a ministry in our community.

After much prayer and a few ‘coffee meetings’ with this young adult (Hein), we had our first meeting on the 18th of September which was well attended – I am encouraged by their hunger to learn and by their enthusiasm to ask questions.


The intention is to select & share some relevant topics for discussion in the near future. We praise and thank God for such a much needed ministry to our young adults.

Our church growth has been very slow – yes we get visitors – some go and some stay however, we praise God for allowing us to add to our numbers;

  • 2013 – Three new members
  • 2014 – One new member.

In the context of numerical growth, we still have a long way to go.

We need growth in young families and young adults – we need this in order for RRCC to become more financially stable. We pray that each of us in our small church will bring God’s Word to those outside the church,  that we will live godly lives; be careful to engage in good deeds – these things are good and profitable for men (Titus 3: 8).

God’s Word spreads where His scattered children live out their weekdays – as they appear as lights to the world (Phil. 2: 14-16) – friends, neighbours and colleagues.

Young People

In May, over the weekend of the 16th – 18th, Creation Ministries South Africa, visited and ministered to us. Marc Ambler, the speaker three meetings;

  • The first for our Youth on the Friday evening, was well attended and they put forward some great questions.
  • Our second meeting on the Saturday morning was fairly well attended. One person, a lady of Hindu persuasion, asked some good questions at the end of the session.
  • Our third meeting on the Sunday was well attended and the same lady again visited us.

We praise God for the work that Creation Ministries do around the world.

Church Meeting

Finally, we pray that we at RRCC would continue to honour the LORD at all times; that the LORD will be our strength and our shield; that our hearts will trust in Him and we will be helped – therefore our hearts exalt and with our song and prayer we shall forever thank our God and Father of the Lord Jesus Christ.

This is my prayer – Philippians 2: 14-16: look it up – read it and remember it…

Pray With Us

Please pray with us for the following:

  • The pastor will continue to grow in maturity.
  • The deacons will continue to grow in maturity.
  • The congregation continue to grow in maturity – we all grow up in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus.
  • As new visitors visit us that they would return and stay – that we would love them into the church.
  • Our church grow both physically (especially young families) and financially.
  • For more urgency in prayer – that we would pray more in private prayer and corporate prayer.

In His rich mercy,

Mark Lillie