Since Miriam could dance by the sea at what happened to the horse and rider (Exodus 15:21), we have been quick to celebrate God’s wisdom in using the great trial of COVID-19 to close down so many prosperity church services in our area. He has made the wisdom of the world foolish, turning “come if you’re sick” churches into “don’t come if you’re sick” churches in just a matter of months.

Please pray about these two ministry updates at Trinity Baptist Church in Mbhokota Village.

Miseve School

We’re hoping to open a Christian Pre-school for our community in the beginning of 2022. “Miseve” means arrows in Tsonga. Scripture tells us children are like arrows in the hands of a warrior (Psalm 127:4). This is a new endeavor for us, as almost all of our efforts over the years has leaned toward establishing churches. We’re hoping this will be just another bridge toward this goal. Check out our promo video.

G.Y.M. Boys Camp

In our soft, effeminate world, few are teaching boys how to be men. G.Y.M stand for Godly Young men. The goal of our Camp is to teach boys how to be godly leaders of their home and church. For those who have boys between ages 8-14 and would like to join us this October for GYM Boys Camp, check out our promo video.

In Christ,