We thank the Lord for his grace and providence as we see our church grow both in maturity and number. We do experience true godliness in the way our members conduct themselves. We have 28 members, with majority being proper families. The men are so passionate about theology, while our group of young adults continue to evangelise every Saturday afternoon at the nearby park.

During the month of August, we had two men committing to join our fellowship. Currently, we have five people who have just completed their eight months of membership classes, and we are looking forward to starting another group. We give thanks to the Lord for building his church and for your continued support and prayers.


As we reflect on what the Lord is doing in our church and family, we are grateful and thankful for the grace that the Lord gives to our family to know him more and to serve him. Itumeleng and I have been married over a decade, and our relationship continues to grow strong year by year.

We had some security challenges, but now things seem to be fine. The Lord has used those trials to teach us more of him and to help us mature in our faith. All glory be to him.


We are homeschooling our children and it is such a joy. We see our children’s spiritual education as a priority and believe it’s best for our family. It is a decision we made for God’s glory and certainly not to appear more “Christian,” hence the sacrifice.

All our children are doing well. Resego (7) loves reading, doing maths, Bible history, and is so fascinated about nature. Reitumetse (4) is quick to make friends, loves to talk, laugh, and just doing painting crafts. Reabiloe (turning 2 next month) is our messy, messy boy. He just loves making mess out of everything he can lay his hands on.

We thank our gracious and loving Father, who continually works in their hearts. We continue to pray that they will know Jesus as Lord and reflect his love to their friends.


We are planning to grow our family again through adoption. By God’s provision, we came across one particular child and felt drawn to him. The adoption process may take a while, but all is heading in the right direction. It feels like the birth pains have begun. Please join us in prayers that the Lord may graciously grant us this +-18–month baby boy.

Please Pray With Us

  • Sammy: Pray for him to minister and lead from the overflow of his own worship of Jesus.
  • Itumeleng: Pray for strength and wisdom as she serves her family and church.
  • Children: Pray that they may grow up to know the Lord, and for the adoption process.
  • Ministry: Pray that the Lord may continue to grow us both spiritually and in number with those who are genuinely saved.