Greetings brothers and sisters, 

Please find herewith the latest ministry news from Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church in Khayelitsha, South Africa. 


I am grateful for the family that the Lord has given me. The kids are still doing well at home and at school. We continue reading the Bible and praying with them, and also working with them on their schoolwork. Although my wife and I both have busy schedules, we thank God that we still find time together and for the kids. It is our prayer that we are able to balance our lives and we will appreciate your prayers. 


We thank the Lord that we are still able to meet without much difficulty. Since our church building is still not in good condition, we have been trying to look at some alternatives, and we have managed to make some plans so that, even if it is raining, we are still able to meet. The winter period is a challenge for us, but we thank the Lord that we are able to manage things. 

We still need your prayers as we patiently await the finalisation of the process of acquiring the building. It is taking longer than we thought, but these things need patience. We are in a difficult time, whereby some have lost their jobs, but we are grateful that this has not affected us. What has been a challenge is that the jobs of some have become demanding, which makes it difficult for them to be among us at our church services. This has affected some of our elders as well, which makes it difficult for their availability for elders’ meetings. Pray with us in this regard. 

Continue to pray with us vis-à-vis those opportunities we get now and then on the radio ministries. Pray that these doors that the Lord has opened will be able to touch many lives. 

I will be on leave for the whole month of June. I am hoping to spend time with my family and also to be able to have time of reflection and planning. It is my prayer that I can use this time effectively and come back refreshed in July. 

Thank you for your prayers. 

Sizwe Maseti
Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church