Ministry Update: Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church (Khayelitsha, South Africa) (May 2020)

Dear brethren,

Please find below the latest ministry news from Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church in Khayelitsha, South Africa.


We thank the Lord that has sustained us by his grace even in these challenging times. We have been continuing to be careful and staying indoors. We continue to help the kids with their school work. At the kids’ school meeting, they gave us an option for them to return in July or those who want to home school them for this year they can choose to do so. We chose the latter. Keep us in prayer as my brother tested positive for COVID-19 and Bulelani’s brother as well.


We have been continuing using the church WhatsApp group to send messages and sermons to our church members. With the opening of churches, we have decided not to open for now. We looked at various reasons that may be a challenge for us. We will assess the situation for now and see how things are before we decide go back to church services. We are continuing to assist those who have found themselves without jobs as a result of the lockdown. We are thankful to the Lord for providing through Sola 5 churches and other churches that have continued to send some financial assistance so that every month we are able to care for those members. We currently have five members who are affected and need our support. We are also thankful to the Lord that one of our members, who tested positive, seems to have recovered now. She is just waiting to complete the fourteen days, but she feels well now.

I am still continuing with other ministries. With regards to the church that we have been working with in the Eastern Cape, we have been doing the order of salvation via video every week. There has been a good response and many people are following the page. We pray and hope that the Lord will use this opportunity to open the eyes of those who follow the page.

I have been doing some talks as well on the radio station I spoke about last month. Hopefully the Lord will continue using this opportunity for the spread of the gospel. The radio station that I was working with for the past two years was not functioning in the past months because of the lockdown. With level 3, the programs will be resuming; therefore I will be resuming with talks from now on. We are doing these talks telephonically at the moment in order to keep the safety regulations. Through these talks, I recently received a call from some apostles here in Khayelitsha who wanted to meet since they have been following the talk show. Apparently, their chief apostle does not have time to teach them since he has many churches in other provinces as well, so he told them to look for someone who can mentor them. That is what made them to make contact as they have been listening the radio program. They were ordained in 2018 as apostles. They had many questions they have written down, which they have struggled to answer from the people they lead and those they evangelise. Let’s hope that this relationship will grow. I am hoping to create a program for them. We will see how this goes.

Prayer Items

  1. Keep in prayer those who have been affected by the pandemic, and the family members that have been affected as well.
  2. Keep us a family in prayer: that the Lord will keep us safe during these uncertain times and continue to strengthen our faith.
  3. Keep our church in prayer as we still unable to meet. Pray that people will continue to be encouraged by the messages.
  4. Pray for the ministry opportunities through the social media platforms and the radio ministry.
  5. Pray for these two brothers who seem to seek a proper understanding of God’s word.

Thank you for your prayers,

Sizwe Maseti

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