Dear brethren,

Please find below the latest ministry news from Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church in Khayelitsha.


The Lord has been good to us as a family. We had leave from the church till mid-January, had time to rest, and spent some time with our family members, which also included travelling. We came back refreshed. The kids are doing well. The girls (Miso and Musa) have begun their Grade 1 this year. The boy (Nakuwe) is also growing approaching eleven months. We thank God that we were able to spend much time with them, and we thank God for their health as well. My wife’s application for studies has been rejected; she has been spending some time trying to look at other colleges to see if she can get accepted on the course she wants to pursue. It has been a frustrating time for her; she needs your prayers.


After many people were away to their home places for December, it was good to meet again, and we rejoice that the Lord protected them while many travelled long distances to their home places. The sad news was that Bulelani, my colleague, lost his brother. We were asked to conduct this funeral and do the preaching. Events like these are always a gospel opportunity. Some church members were able to attend and offer support to the family.

We were hit by the passing away of Sandi, a colleague and a friend of many years since teenage year; he had also became a family friend. The church had a good relationship with Sandi since his first church plant in Khayelitsha at Ekuphumleni. Our churches had partnership; we would have the Easter conferences together, and help where we can. Even when he was coming back from the Eastern Cape before planting Northside Baptist church, he spent some few months with us, also assisting us in preaching. Every year we would plan the reformation conferences together. During his passing away, the church was supportive to the family from the first day till the funeral day. I was also assisting his church with all the help they needed.

We were given a dead line of 31 January before we lose the church building we were hoping to get. With the help of Goodwood Baptist Church, we have tried to challenge the decision, and the Baptist Association has sent a letter to the City of Cape Town on this regard. We are still in prayer as we wait for their response.

From February I will be starting again with the radio ministry. They have moved the program and have changed its name and focus: They want me to do Bible books. Their aim is to disciple the listeners to go through the Bible with them instead of doing topics. We need your prayers that this will be edifying and challenging to the listeners.

Prayer Items

  1. Pray for my family—especially my wife as she is still hoping to study this year.
  2. Pray for the families that have lost their loved ones to find strength to face every day.
  3. Pray for the church building as we continue to wait.
  4. Pray for the coming radio talks, so that people will grow in understanding the gospel.