Dear brethren,

Please find below the latest news from Makhaza Reformed Baptist Church in Khayelitsha, South Africa.


The Lord has been keeping us safe and healthy under the circumstances. We are still coping well, continuing to use this opportunity to spend time with the kids, praying together, and encouraging one another. We are grateful for this time together, although one has to rework his schedule since everyone is at home, and not having enough space to work. Working becomes very slow, so I have to look for different ways of working.


We have been continuing doing things differently, sending sermon messages through social media, and conducting prayers on Wednesday evenings. We continue to thank God for such tools. As we know that some have been more affected heavily by the lockdown than others. We currently have four members that have been affected by the lockdown, finding themselves without any income. We also continue to assess others’ situations. We have tried to assist with what we have, and we also thank the Lord for the churches here in Cape Town that have come along us in assisting these families. Some have been constantly checking us on how we are coping. We have received some financial assistance from some, and groceries from others. The groceries have also been helpful for some who are in our community and/or other churches around us. We pray and hope that churches would continue to assist us as they feel led by the Lord.

Other ministry opportunities have also opened up. I and the other township brothers have been working with another Baptist church in the Eastern Cape. They have been posting sermons on their Facebook page during weekdays for their member and others that are interested, dealing with various topics. This has attracted many people from other non-Reformed churches. Unfortunately, in the townships we are mainly known as critics of other churches and people and this has not been done lovingly. Therefore, this has created a platform to present what we are about. In the past weeks, we have been doing the five solas historically and exegetically, and we have also opened an opportunity for people to ask questions, and we send our videos responding to the questions. We have received a lot of positive feedback, people are always looking forward to each week’s topic(s). Through these sermons, I also received a call from another radio program—Radio Pulpit—to do some talks on their program. We praise God for such ministry opportunities. For the next coming weeks, we will be looking at the order of salvation. We pray and hope that the Lord will continue to use this page positively, and help us to present these doctrines faithfully and with humility.

Prayer Items

  1. Pray that the Lord will continue helping us as the family to use this time together in encouraging each other with the word.
  2. Pray that work will continue effectively in these unfamiliar times.
  3. Pray that we will be able to assist the families that are affected by the lockdown, and that other likeminded churches will come along us in assisting these families.
  4. Pray that the Lord will work on the hearts of those who have been listening to the sermons and topics that we have been doing and convict their hearts so that they will honour the Lord by honouring his word.