Thank you brothers and sisters for your fervor, persistence, prayer and dedication over the years! Many wonderful ministries are flourishing in Mozambique, the Lord has, and continues to raise up many fine men and women under the doctrines of Grace. For His glory, He is raising up these disciples who have a genuine thirst for the Truth. These leaders and teachers labor diligently to make the saving grace of Christ alone “the” religion of Africa during this critical time of cultural and spiritual transition throughout Africa.

Many exciting things are happening right now in Mozambique and America with the goal to have the surgical center to open early 2018! As you know the ministry continually needs prayer, labor, a variety of resources and financial support. Currently underway is the completion of a laundry facility that is required for the hospital to open. This has been made possible by a very generous gift from a longtime supporter of the vision in Mozambique. Arrangements are being made as we speak to finalize the acquisition a 40′ container and fill it with critical and much needed medical supplies. Many exciting things which have already been acquired include; two ultrasound machines, two anesthesia machines, patient monitors, tents for the next Fiel conference, multiple pallets of supplies and a full medical laboratory setup! Medical containers of this type often contain hundreds of thousands of dollars in equipment and supplies at a fraction of the price. These items are either new, surplus or refurbished items. For the fulfilment of this task there is still a financial need for the purchase of the container, export / import cost and freight. Our hope is to have this container depart for Mozambique in July of 2017!

With much effort and resources, Dr. Charles Woodrow is developing a beautiful tract of land which is approximately 20 acres to support long term housing for ministry doctors and staff in the years to come. There is much financial need to complete the development of this land and transition ownership of this asset to the ministry. This land is near an English-speaking Christian school, located on a main roadway into Nampula and only a short commute to the hospital campus. There is an immediate need for funds to build the first short term housing cottage for visitors and new arrivals to the ministry. Please continue to pray for the Lord to supply long term and short term medical and administrative staffing to not only open the hospital but to meet the medically and spiritual needs of the people of Mozambique.

Next month Dr. David Harris along with Don and Belinda Dickey will be travelling to Mozambique to help plan and facilitate the many amazing things that are happening right now. Please be in prayer for safe travels, fruitful results and most of all that His will be accomplished, not ours. Paul Washer, author and founder of HeartCry Missionary Society, plans to attend and speak at the Fiel conference in 2018! This conference has seen overwhelming success in reaching and equipping pastors and spiritual leaders throughout Africa. Too many amazing things are going on within the ministry to cover in this one update, but we continue to be humbled by God’s amazing hand in Grace Missions Mozambique. Your continued prayer and involvement are appreciated beyond what words can describe.