Ministry Update: Grace Bible Church (Lilongwe) (September 2018)

Greetings from Grace Bible Church in Lilongwe, Malawi.

What a privilege to be among the labourers in our God and King’s ripe field! And what a joy to have you dear brethren praying and thinking of us as we serve here in Lilongwe, Malawi. Thank you for all of your prayers.


The Lord has been gracious to us as a family in that he has provided good health for us all.

Warren, our son, continues to do well in school as he commences his second year of high school. Karen, too, is enjoying her new Standard 5 classes, and we are thankful for our daughter Lauren, who is growing so fast that, in a few weeks, on 10 October, we will be celebrating her first birthday, God willing.

As a family, we are thankful that Patricia has been doing well as a mother and encouraging wife to me. I can only be grateful for such a patient and God-fearing woman. In short, as a family, we are thankful to God for his faithfulness in taking care of us.


Grace Bible Church (Lilongwe) has been going on for a few years now. Growth has been very slow, and times without number I have been discouraged. There have been hard lessons along the way as we strive to see sound and godly churches spread across our city and, indeed, across our country. The Lord has used several humble and godly individuals to point us to how things ought to be done rightly, and in such a way that God gets the glory.

We are grateful for the four couples in our church, together with a couple of unmarried guys. We have grown to become a family that is being prepared to spread the word across our city. Recently, we are thankful to God for the visitors he has been sending our way. Most of these visitors have come to encourage us and walk alongside us as we forge ahead in our service.

We are currently meeting at a secondary school right in the city of Lilongwe. Meeting at this school has come with a lot of challenges. Firstly, we are not the only church meeting at this school. There are three other churches—all three being loud Pentecostal churches. Two of them have powerful PA systems that obviously distract the preacher most of the time. Second, Malawi is experiencing long periods of electricity black outs at the moment, so during the Sundays when there are power outages, we are thankful to God because we know there is going to be a peaceful and quiet time of worship.  We are trusting the Lord for a piece of land as a matter of urgency.

Outreach and Evangelism

We are involved in a few evangelistic outreaches during the week. On Tuesday mornings, I go out at one of the busiest malls downtown to distribute gospel literature and talk to people one-on-one. Later in the afternoon, we reach out to the people in and around where we live. We do a follow up to this on Thursdays.

Twice a month, we go to Lilongwe Technical College to run our Bible study and also do a one-on-one evangelism. We seek your prayers as Grace Bible Church (Lilongwe) continues to reach out to the residents of this city, which is flooded by so many unhealthy churches.

Pray for Us

  • That God will bless our evangelistic efforts.
  • That the Lord will provide the need funds for us to buy our own piece of land in our desired strategic location.
  • Pray that God will send our way a faithful fulltime person to serve alongside me.
  • Pray for more evangelistic opportunities in school around us.

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