Dear friends and supporters,

We are humbled by your prayers and support. The Lord has been good to us. My wife and my son are doing well. However, the young lady my wife was discipling had to go back home. She found a college closer to her home. We’ve been encouraged by her love for the Lord. She has joined a new church at home that teaches the Bible and is serving in music and in Sunday school.

The Lord has now opened a new door for me to disciple a young man. His name is Febri. He also came to our city to study. He is so hungry for the Lord. He is always asking questions in our Bible class and after our Sunday sermon. He has recently joined our music team and is serving by playing the keyboard. His heart is in sharing the gospel with his college friends. It is such a blessing to disciple him.

We have also been seeing the Lord raising young women who are passionate about discipling young ladies. The lady who is wearing a blue T-shirt (below) is Fezeka. She is a single lady. Her heart is in reaching out to young ladies. She has started a Bible study in her home where she invites young ladies around her area.

As a church, we were also encouraged by Grace Baptist Church (Alabama, USA) for sending us a gift of love. That gift helped us to take ten of our members to attend the Rezolution and Sola 5 conference. The theme of the conference was Reformation in Africa today. This theme was so relevant to the challenges that we face in our areas.

Lastly, I would like to request you to carry us in your prayers. We were notified that the temporal place we are using the municipality is planning to build houses there. Therefore we need to move and look for another place to rent as soon as possible.

How can you pray for us?

Pray that the Lord

  • will bless our evangelistic efforts;
  • will strengthen our church members; and
  • will open a door for us to have a new place to rent as a church.

Thank God for brothers from Antioch Bible Church, Emmanuel Baptist Church and Heritage Baptist Church, who visited us just to encourage us. Thank God for Brother Chipita Sibale from Zambia who visited us and encouraged us by sharing how Kabwata Baptist Church has become a church planting church.