Greetings beloved,

We thank the Lord that he has been good to us. We thank him for you and your unwavering support. Your work of faith and love towards us are clearly visible. May the Lord continue to use you as you encourage other believers.

The Kukunis

The Lord has been gracious towards us as a family. For a while now, I have been struggling with my health. The people of God prayed and I am happy to report that I am doing a lot better and my doctor is happy with the progress I am making. This is all of God through the prayers of his people.

Spiritually I am doing well. For our main spiritual diet at the church, we are studying 1 Corinthians. I have been doing devotions in 2 Corinthians to see the harmony between the two books and to shape me to handle some of the ministry pressures Paul and his companions had to handle when dealing with the Corinthian church. In addition, I have been attempting to read through the Bible in a month from different translations. It has been rewarding to read through multiple books in one sitting.

Keitu is going to start going through Women’s Bible Studies by Michael Kruger of the Reformed Theological Seminary. Her intention is to get edified and equipped to equip other young women in the faith. Please pray that the lessons will be fruitful.

Our children just finished reading The Biggest Story: Bible Storybook by Kevin DeYoung before bedtime. Since they can read for themselves, they read the Bible for themselves every morning and it has been a joy seeing them understand what the story of the Bible is about. Besides these devotion times, devotion with my family happens anytime, anywhere. They know that throughout the day, at some point, I am going to ask them a theological question or we are going to discuss something we see or hear on the news, for example, from a Christian perspective. School wise, we could not be more happier than we are. Our children love home-school and we love the current curriculum.

Church Life

In the life of the church, we can see the work of the word. It is a joy to serve a church that loves the word of God and loves it when their pastor spends time in the study to prepare soul food for them. We are experiencing struggles financially, as is the case nationwide, in all spheres of life. Our state and government leaders behave as though they are on a “destroy and destruct” mission. People are economically squeezed, and the church is feeling it as well. Please pray for God’s people to see that the Lord is faithful and will take care of his church and his people. Pray for our country as well. It seems as though everything the government touches becomes dysfunctional.

What gives us joy serving in a country like ours is that we know exactly what the challenges are. So, when we wake up daily we know how we can make a difference through living out the gospel in this difficult country. People in the church have taken the challenge of walking in a manner worthy of the gospel, of not complaining and grumbling, very seriously. The opportunities abound to ensure we shine as lights in this dark city of ours.

Recently, the Lord has sent people to our church who are showing a desire to become members here. There is a famine of authorial intent preaching and teaching in our city. Our city is a hard place as well as a transient city, so we have made changes to minister to the needs of our diverse recipients of our gospel efforts.

We have a group of more than five men who I, with the help of Tebogo and Frank, am teaching to handle the word of God accurately. Together with Tebogo, they do street evangelism every Saturday. Please pray for their growth and for their gospel labour to bear fruit. In addition, we have started a systematic theology discipleship which is well attended. There is a growing hunger to know the word of God and to live by it. Our weekly inductive Bible study is also well attended and the participation is encouraging.

Our greatest area of need in our church is discipleship: older men discipling younger men; older women discipling younger women; and children’s hearts being shepherded. Please pray that we may grow in these areas.

Grace and peace to you,