Dear Sola 5 family,

Friends, we are encouraged to report of the Lord’s faithfulness toward our church family and the surrounding community.

Over the past few months, the Lord has been adding families to our number, and folks have been open and responsive to the gospel and discipleship.

For those who don’t know much about our setup, we are a church plant from Christ Baptist Church in Polokwane. Our church was established on 15 of May 2016. Pastor Johann Odendaal led the church for the most part. In February 2017, the church called Pastor Lucas Stoltz to intern, as he was still studying at Christ Seminary and called him to serve fulltime from January 2018. He has been serving the church since. Ps Johann still serves the church as an elder and ministers regularly.

The church was started with a small number of families but as our elders continued to serve the church and the community faithfully, more numbers were later added and we still see growth today.

This year, our church celebrated its third anniversary and we took some time to reflect on how the Lord has provided for us.

We currently rent a church building from a Dutch Reformed Church. They charge us a very small fee and allow us to utilise the building whenever we need it. Apart from our weekly Bible study meeting, youth group meeting, and worship services, we have used the church for our annual African Pastors’ Conference and other events such as hosting the Creation Ministries International, Christmas carols, etc.

Our leadership has also recently grown, as we have added two young men to serve as deacons. Both David and Cobus are currently studying at Christ Seminary and hope to serve in the ministry fulltime.

Please pray for us in the following ways:

  1. We have three schools we currently reach out to on a weekly basis. Pray that our time would be fruitful and that the gospel will be received.
  2. We are trusting the Lord to add more to our number through local outreach. Pray that we would use these opportunities effectively.
  3. Through our preaching and Bible study, we trust that the Lord will equip his people. Pray for our pastors who take the time to study well.
  4. David and Cobus are preparing for ministry. Pray with us that their families will be encouraged and that these men will make the best of the opportunities presented to them.
  5. Our community is divided into two factions. It has been in an uproar since two ANC members, who were about to expose the corrupt, were killed. Pray for wisdom and peace as one faction wants the mayor to be removed and the other wants her to stay.
  6. Our community is experiencing a drought and the dam that provides our water has only two percent usable water left. Pray with us for rain or another effective alternative to be implemented.

We would like to thank our Sola 5 family in advance, as you labour in prayer with us.

With love

Pastor Lucas, CBC leadership, and CBC family