Greetings brothers and sisters in the Lord.

I must say from the start that the Lord has been so uniquely kind to me these past few months, both in ministry and especially personally. I forever shall praise him for his goodness.

Personal Life

As indicated in the last newsletter, I began pursuing a lady towards marriage. On 23 July, we finally tied the knot—this, of course, after some time of deliberations amongst the families. It was meant to be a small matrimonial ceremony at the church, because we really could not afford anything bigger than that. To our great surprise, brothers and sisters from the church, and even outside, gathered together and made a big celebration! Although my wife then had to resign, and has not been working since, the Lord has truly taken care of us, through support from brothers and sisters. We have never lacked anything we needed. Indeed, our Father knows what we need!

Ministry: Orange Farm Baptist Church

The Lord has provided for us a partnership with Kathorus Bible Church, which has not only been regularly sending us preachers to help on Sunday, but has also been sending monthly to conduct discipleship classes with our people, which has been a source of tremendous growth. We also witnessed such oneness when one of the congregants lost their sister. Everyone pitched in with what they had to support the congregant. Although relatively poor and unemployed, the church has really come to resemble the Macedonian church (2 Corinthians 8:1–5). We do not have much, but with love, the little we have is doing more than enough. I have finished series this year on church membership, eldership, etc. smoothly because there has been consistent attendance.

A surprising turn of events has been the coming, and in fact consistent attendance, of a young man from the community. His mother, who visited us a few times, recently passed away. This young man himself has been beaten badly at times by the community because of theft due to drug addictions. For two months now, he has been coming at every service on Sunday and even on Wednesday Bible study. We are hoping there is a gospel seed planted in his heart.

We also experienced a painful loss just a week or so ago of the mother of two young girls (14 and 8 years old) who are both coming to our church. Because she was a single mother from Zimbabwe, the girls have been taken by family members. We are still praying and trying to find a way to help them.


Recently we attended the weekender (a leadership workshop hosted by Brackenhurst Baptist Church) and Dig and Discover (a workshop to learn principles of understanding the Scriptures). These workshops have both challenged me and inspired me in many ways, especially for work in the township. I have been reading so many books after these workshops, eating and enjoying Christian literature as a daily habit. I praise the Lord for the joy of reading. I also had an excellent time with many different brothers.

Prayer Points

Please join us in praying as follows:

  • Thank the Lord for my lovely wife and support from the brethren towards the ceremony.
  • Thank the Lord for the young man who seems like is cherishing the gospel.
  • Thank the Lord for the unity in the church and the support for one another.
  • Thank the Lord for the workshops towards my growth.
  • Thank the Lord for Kathorus Bible Church.
  • Pray for comfort and preservation of the two girls who lost their mother.
Thank you for your prayers,

Athi Mgqibelo
Vaal Reformed Baptist Church