Ministry News: Reformation Bible Church (December 2019)

Dear friend,

You are receiving this because you have and are supporting us in prayer and financially.

We would not be in a position to do what we do without your support. We remain humbled and encouraged by your partnership. May the good Lord continue using you as a blessing to us. We remain in your debt and trust that this update will encourage you.

Year-End 2019 Update

We are grateful for your kindness to us. We do not take it for granted. We wouldn’t be able to do all we do without your prayers and financial support.

Twenty-nineteen has been a great one! We have had some highs and lows—but, thankfully, more highs than lows.


As a youthful church, having three weddings in a year is very exciting. This is the most we have had in one calendar year.

We had the bitter-sweet moment of sending off our beloved sister, Wezi, who got married to a brother, Daniel, from a sister church four hours south of us. Our loss is definitely their gain.

Then we had my fellow elder and pastor, Emmanuel Mpeni, marry Dorothy. These were joyous moments almost a month apart.

This past weekend, we celebrated another wedding. The joys of pastoring youngish people!

Ladies’ Ministry

The ladies at RBC have encouraged us with their walk with the Lord. They have been growing spiritually, numerically, and in service. They conducted multiple Bible studies, three tea parties (bridal showers), two baby showers, and have been busy all year round serving in different capacities. Below are some of the meetings they engaged in.

Church Life

There have been many highs and lows this year. The highs include baptisms, an increase in membership, and moving onto our own piece of land.

We continue to meet on the tent that is thankfully filing slowly. We are grateful for the tent despite the inconveniences with the heat and now with the rains. The fact that we have no PA system is a challenge during this rainy season.

Please pray with us as we trust God for a more permanent structure.

Leadership Development

As the numbers have increased, so has the need to raise more men. We have started training men to be able to read a text and turn it into a sermon. We are also looking into character development and giftedness. We will be focusing much on their character.

Our curriculum for this is under construction. We are hoping this group will cultivate a culture of discipleship in the church and that, ultimately, these men will grow to be better spiritual leaders in their homes and church. And, we hope we will raise future deacons, elders, and church planters from this group.

Campus Outreach

We have taken a huge step of faith on this one and have hired a young man to oversee our college campus outreach at Bunda University on full time basis. This young man graduated at this college. He was instrumental in evangelism and Bible studies and seminars there. We asked him if he would be willing to continue what he was doing as a student but this time as a ministry of our church.

The campus Bible study has about thirty students attending regularly. Ten of these are regularly coming to our church. This is a challenge and a neat opportunity. We are struggling to transport the students every Sunday. But we would love to. Most of these students come from places where there are not exposed to sound doctrine.


This month—19 December—marked our first decade in marriage. It has been an exciting journey. I am constantly reminded I wouldn’t have been able to do all I do without the supportive wife I have been blessed with. Church planting anywhere is hard. Church planting in Malawi, Africa, with meagre resources, is harder and easily discouraging. Thankfully, my wife cheers me on in difficult moments. I have no idea why she agreed to marry a wretch like me, but I am so glad she did.

Praise Items

  1. Ten-year anniversary as husband and wife.
  2. Surge in morning attendance and membership.
  3. Depth of relationships in the church.
  4. Faithful deacons serving selflessly and efficiently.

Prayer Items

  1. Karabo’s paperwork in South Africa.
  2. Rejuvenation and rest.
  3. A strong start to 2020.

We remain grateful and humbled for your support.

Every blessing,

Newton, Vanessa, Chisomo and Karabo

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