Dear brethren,

It is once again my privilege to update you regarding the ministry at Grace Baptist Church in Daveyton, South Africa.

Managing Your Household

It was 2013 when I said I do. I knew from that day that I must be a leader of my family. Since we’ve been married, my responsibility has increased. Now I am not only leading my wife but I am leading my two kids. I bought a book titled How to Lead the Little Ones to God. Our family devotion is no longer the same. We read this book together and answer the questions at the end. It has unlocked a lot of questions from my kids about the Bible and what we believe.

I’m so surprised on how much questions they have. They are still excited about church because of their friends. But my wife told me that they also ask her some questions concerning the sermon. It is my prayer that I may be found faithful in shepherding my family.

We were recently offered an opportunity to attend a pastoral couples retreat. In this retreat, we had time to reflect on our marriage. We shared on areas that need improvement. We do thank God for likeminded seminary like Shepherd Seminary who realised the need for the couples retreats.

I Discipline Myself

Reading or listening to the Bible doesn’t come easy because one is a pastor or something one can just stumble into. It takes discipline and good planning. As a church planter, I realised that if I don’t wake up early in the morning and do my devotions, the business of ministry can easily sidetrack me. I’m currently studying Mathew for my edification. At church, I am preaching through the Gospel according to Mark. My goal has also been to listen to the Bible (audio) being read to me as I drive around and go about my day. This has been so refreshing to my soul.

I Left You at Daveyton

Paul told Timothy and Titus that the reason he left them was for them to appoint elders in each and every church. This is what I understand as a planter as well. After many years serving in the township of Daveyton, the Lord has finally given his church two men who are qualified to serve his church as elders. I started training these brothers five years back. It has been a joy to see them holding fast to the Lord, thriving in discipling their families and the church.

I decided to create a questionnaire that I can provide for the church to interview these men. The church was really appreciative of the questions and the way their elders answered them. Some of the questions were given to their wives. And they also affirmed the leadership these man were offering to their family and to the church. The ordination was set to be on 30 April. Pastor Doug Van Meter from Brackenhurst Baptist Church joined us. He gave a charge to all of us. The leaders were charged to pay attention to the chief shepherd, themselves as under shepherds and to feed God’s flock.

The church was charged to avail themselves for the feeding and leadership of the elders. The ordination service ended with sweet fellowship. The members prepared food for everyone who was there. It was encouraging for me to see the church start owning the work.

The People Had a Mind to Work

Four years ago, the Lord was gracious in blessing us with a plot of land that would allow us to construct a church building where we could meet. It has, however, proved to be a lengthy and challenging task getting all our paperwork approved by the relevant government agencies before we can commence with the building project. It has been three years since the initial submission of our building plans. Late last year, the Lord was gracious in allowing the finalisation of all the necessary approvals that has now allowed us to commence with the building project. As far as we are aware, we are the only Reformed Church in Daveyton and it is our great desire to have a proper church building where we would be established and advance the gospel. There is a lot of work to be done in the Daveyton township as there is a great need for the gospel. We believe that having a permanent building structure will help us do the work of the ministry better. God has been good to us as we have seen much growth from our members and God adding to our number.

In our current meeting place, we have a challenge in doing various ministries due to capacity and structural constraints. Our hope is to establish ourselves as a church that will plant other churches around our township and beyond. We also have started tutoring classes, where a few our members are using their home to help students. Our long term plan is to start an education centre where we will use our church to benefit school children. It is our goal to see the gospel impacting our community in various ways.

The estimation for the church building project is R1.8M. However, we currently have R520K in our church account allocated to the building project. We are continuing to give and raise funds for this as we continue to trust in the Lord. We have decided to take what we have and start building in different phases. Our goal is put a foundation and a roof, and then start meeting in our new property. We are deeply grateful for your partnership over the years. Most of the funds gifted to us was set aside specifically for the building project. Please continue to pray for our church building project and consider how you may partner with us financially as we commence with our project.

Pray for Us

We covet your prayers.

  1. Pray that God will strengthen me as I fulfil my responsibility of managing my household and to do it well.
  2. Pray that the Lord will keep the new elders and their families from the evil one and to give them wisdom as they lead and shepherd his church.
  3. Pray that God will provide the funds we need for the building project and the people with skill to assist us.

Thank you for taking the time to keep updated on the ministry in Daveyton.

Chris Mnguni

Chris Mnguni