Greetings in Jesus’ name,

When we think of Jesus making his way through the bustling, pawing and demanding crowds, his mood was one of peace, bearing, and purpose. Called by the Father to complete his task, Jesus never appeared hurried, yet was always progressing toward his goal. Because Jesus had a clear sense of his calling, he was able, the night before the cross, to say to his Father, “I glorified you on earth, having accomplished the work that you gave me to do” (John 17:4).

So it is to be with us. God has called us to a work; however, whatever the context, we may run the risk of being results orientated, obsessively competitive, too busy for integrity, and preoccupied with symbols of achievement. By contrast, Isaiah paints a picture of work accomplished God’s way: “And the effect of righteousness will be peace, and the result of righteousness, quietness and trust forever” (Isaiah 32:17).

Our Church

This month, I have been greatly encouraged by more and more commitment being shown within the church. The newer attendees have been a huge force in reflecting the seriousness of gospel witness to some of the more lethargic brethren. This has resulted in better attendance, better involvement, and urgency.

Matthew continues to astound me at his hunger for truth and willingness to put in the long yards. We are pleased that this is also pouring out into the immediate surroundings at their home. Some time ago, we started a Bible study at Matthew and Steffi’s home and Matthew has put up a sign inviting all comers to attend. Over the last month, it has started gaining momentum, so much so, that we are now having to split the time between children and adults. At first, parents would drop their children, but are now enquiring to come themselves. Our challenge is the lack of basic resources to stimulate personal reading. Please continue to pray for this family and the ministry that is developing in Mitchell’s Plain.

Our other Bible study seems to have an increase of folk attending that are from other churches. Although pleasing, it has become spasmodic. One lady from a Roman Catholic background and now in a Charismatic church has become a regular and has started attending Coastal Bible Church (CBC) services. Please pray for consistency.

After having finished preaching through 2 Peter and the awareness of false teaching being highlighted, we spent four weeks in fellowship after church on Sundays, where we watched various critique DVDs on the false teachers and their doctrine. This proved to be hugely fruitful, in that it identified them and raised the various subtleties that these teachers use to dupe trusting people. Please pray that this awareness continues.

We have been consistent in our presence in the community and trust the Lord for fruit. With winter upon us, we have had to change with the season, as there are less people on the streets. Please continue to pray for us and the community toward this end.

Please pray for the lost in the greater Muizenberg community, with the influx of many new “Christian” ministries into the area, true Christian witness is being impaired by rivalries, competition, and bad mouthing by these people. Please pray that the Lord bring true revival.

Ministry Opportunities and Involvement

Please continue to pray for my work with the Bible Institute. Our students are doing well. Please pray they persevere and continue to be fruitful in their own individual context.

Please continue to pray for the Drakenstein Prison. Pray that the men be faithful in their call to herald the gospel, despite resistance.

I have been asked to assist in various counselling situations at the school where we meet. This was the norm some years ago but had dwindled recently. Please pray that this gospel opportunity be fruitful, as this is highly unusual in state schools.

The Cramer Family

As a family we are grateful for growth, grateful that our lives are stable, and, above all, grateful for our Lord’s sustaining grace. Please continue to pray for us and our perseverance in the ministry.

Please pray:

  • that we will stand firm and grow in our boldness to the truth;
  • that Matthew will continue to grow in biblical knowledge and wisdom;
  • that we will have the privilege of witnessing gospel fruit;
  • that the right venue for gathering will become available (it is becoming more difficult at our present place of worship);
  • that we will remain safe during our outreaches;
  • that the gospel message will saturate our area, and many will come to know Christ;
  • that those that are unemployed will be given work;
  • that marriages will be God honouring;
  • that the foreign African brethren in our midst will be given reprieve, as the government has intention of starting a process of deportation of all foreign refugees, closing bank accounts, etc. in December.
Thank you for taking time to read my report and for praying for us.

Yours in Christ,

Des Cramer
Coastal Bible Church
Muizenberg, South Africa