What the Lord is Teaching Us:
Over the last year the Lord has been putting our members through many and various trials – health, finances, relationships, children, and a host of other small and large problems (Jam 1:2). Although we understand God’s purpose in trial is to refine and strengthen our faith (1 Pet.1:6-7), we don’t always find it easy to trust God and rejoice in them. Attendance at our midweek Bible studies is erratic, prayer meetings are smaller, and we are struggling to find people to serve in our various ministries. At our last elders meeting we were discussing how the weight of these external pressures doesn’t appear  to be producing the desired spiritual fruit. This might be because of disobedience, but it might also be a reminder that spiritual fruit is not measured in terms of attendance at Bible study, religious activity and service. SO often, as churches, we tend to measure our success and progress against these external milestones rather than the inner fruit of righteousness (Heb.12:11).
Midrand Chappel - Chruch BuildingWhat We Are Grateful For:
We are blessed with a lovely, large property among the plots in Glen Austin. We have done very little to upgrade or even maintain our property in the last 10 years. This year we have been able to do a number of upgrades to make our facilities more functional. We are so grateful for the Lord’s provision in this regard.
How We Have Grown:
As I write this, music is playing outside and a group of kids are playing games on the lawns as part of our annual Holiday Bible Club. Three years ago, weMidrand Chappel - Holiday Club made our facilities available for a short-term ministry team to run a children’s holiday program at our church. Last year, some folk from Antioch came alongside us to help us, and this year we have been able to run the program on our own. We are so grateful for how the Lord has used the broader body to equip us to be able to minister to the kids in our community in this way.
How You Can Pray for us:
 This year we decided to focus on the “outreach” aspect of our church life. We desire God to grow our evangelistic zeal, to help us use our evangelists more effectively, and to have a greater impact on our community for Christ.
 We have currently put a new elder and deacon before our church for testing. Please pray that God would guide us in this process and that He would continue to supply and enable us to develop qualified men for these offices.
 We would dearly like to become a church characterized by faithful, faith-filled, fervent prayer.

IMG_5671-Chris-Woolley-300pChris Woolley

(Pastor: Midrand Chapel)

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