Front of the new building

We couldn’t make it happen. It felt like every door was closed even before we started knocking. We were getting to the point where we honestly didn’t know what to do.

Our church had outgrown our current facility. The landlords were raising the rent once again. And yet, there seemed to be literally no options, anywhere near where our church lives.

But God!

God has been so kind to us and made a way where there seemed to be no way. It’s kind of a long story, but to make it simple, let’s say this: Out of the blue, a friend of one our elders called and let him know of a church that would love to have us use their facility. You can see the front of the space they are letting us use in the picture above.

It really is amazing. The hall can seat over 300 people. It has clean bathrooms—with toilet paper! (If you visited us at the place where we meet now, you would understand why that’s such a praise.) We can access it earlier and have it for longer. It has an entire extra hall, inside, for us to host our children’s ministries and crèche. It has a full kitchen we can use as well. It is only two kilometres from where we meet now. It is closer to the University of Pretoria and the train station. It is located on a major street with great visibility and easy access. They are going to let us put up signs for our church and even use the facility when we need throughout the week. And, it is R1,000 less than the place where we meet now!

If you have been praying for us, thank you! God has answered your prayers!

The hall for our Sunday services

The foyer

Another hall for children’s ministry

The kitchen