In the age of post-modernism, relativism and ecumenism, Hillcrest Baptist Church has stood as a beacon of truth in the western suburbs of Durban since 1954 when it was started by Lambert Road Baptist Church. HBC is an independent Baptist church holding firmly to Reformed teaching. We exist because we have been called out by God and for his fame. Our greatest conviction is that only faith in the substitutionary death of Christ will reconcile lost sinners to God and save them from eternal damnation.

Where Truth Matters

“Where Truth Matters” is not only our tag line but our conviction and is the driving force behind every sermon, every Bible study, every outreach programme and every decision made. Our desire is to see more people worshipping God rightly and, for this reason, the Bible is central to all we do. No decision is made, no truth is taught, and no song is sung without us first submitting ourselves honestly to the teachings of inerrant and infallible Word of God.

Our commitment is to preach expositorily verse by verse through both the Old and New Testaments, one book at a time. We do this in both Afrikaans and in three English services each Sunday. Our members are encouraged to attend twice on a Sunday and through a register system we are able to follow up on those who are not fellowshipping with us regularly in order to shepherd them.

In addition, the Bible is taught in various small group settings such as in home groups held throughout the week and in junior, high school and young adults meetings. In each of these, the teachings are based on the careful study and application of the Scriptures. We are serious about entrusting the truth to faithful men so that they can teach others and to this end we run a three-year leadership programme for men who have displayed godly leadership qualities.

The teaching of truths to our children is also of primary importance. On Sunday mornings English- and Afrikaans-speaking children from the age of 3 through to grade 7 are taught biblically based lessons in an age appropriate setting by dedicated teachers in a curriculum which exposes them to the entire Bible in a four-year curriculum.

Biblical truths and the application thereof are also taught at ad hoc seminars, in the form of day-long conferences or in in-depth, 4–6 week evening seminars on topics ranging from parenting, to Romans Road to money matters.

We take our community seriously, being convinced of the truth that we are one blood-bought family and that sacrificial love for one another ought to be a hallmark of our church. To this end we encourage all members to be part of a home group where they can meet once a week not only to study God’s Word in a small group environment, but where they can get to know and then to love and truly minister to others in the body both practically and in corporate and private prayer. Although not all members attend, all members are allocated to a home group and are regularly encouraged to minister and to be ministered to in this way. We believe that it is through these small groups that the many “one-another” commands are lovingly obeyed.

At HBC we have a high view of membership and regularly encourage those who are regular attendees, who are saved and baptised, to make an application for membership. All prospective members attend four membership classes, which run regularly throughout the year.

In order to fulfil our desire of having more people worship God rightly we also focus on missions—both locally, nationally, and internationally in Africa and further afield. Locally we are presenting the gospel through our pre-school, at the local hospital, through outreach events for seniors and through supporting a local church in Shongweni. We are also involved with, and partner in supporting, missionaries in Kenya, Malawi, India and Nepal. Where possible we send our own members to the mission field and we love to send short-term mission teams to help, teach and encourage our missionaries.

A further way in which we can see more people worshipping God rightly is through the planting of new local churches. We have been involved in three church plants and our elders are currently pursuing the planting of another local church.

Church Name: Hillcrest Baptist Church
Country: South Africa
Region: KwaZulu-Natal
City: Durban (Hillcrest)

Physical Address:
37 Old Main Road
Durban, 3610
South Africa

Billjy-Joe Zwart
Andrew Aucamp
Keith Brown
Brahm Hattingh
Bruce Parker
Mark Williamson

Administrative Staff
Secretary: Mindie Donkin
Church Secretary: Mervyn Walsh

Church Office Tel: +27 31 765 3750
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