Goodwood Baptist Church (Cape Town, South Africa)

Goodwood Baptist Church holds to the great doctrines of the Reformation. The GBC family compromises people from a variety of backgrounds. From the very outset, the focus of our services and ministry has been unashamedly God’s word above all else. Public worship is conducted simply with a clear focus on preparing God’s people to hear God’s word. We seek to implement ministries that present the gospel clearly to all age-groups.

It did not begin with a flash of lightning or a thunderous voice saying “Go,” but the Lord was behind the growth of Goodwood Baptist Church from its inception. It started with a small group of believers meeting in the area, beginning a bilingual Sunday school and constituting a fellowship.

The church’s constitution was adopted and approved on 6 March 1977. The important distinctives in this document were its references to elders (unusual for South Africa Baptists at the time) and its allegiance to the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. After meeting for many years in a building in Anderson Street, the Lord enabled the church family to purchase the AGS church building on Milton Road. Services there commenced in October 1984 and continue to the present day.

Living Stones

The church’s objectives are to glorify Christ, the Head of the church; to proclaim the word of God as recorded in the Old and New Testaments; to encourage and support the proclamation of the said word of God to the ends of the earth in accordance with Matthew 28:19; and to provide instruction in the word of God and fellowship for believers, thus building them up in the faith.

GBC desires to foster an environment where members minister to one another and to the community, not only for growing the body in numbers, but also for maturing the saints.

Church Name: Goodwood Baptist Church
Country: South Africa
Region: Western Cape
City: Cape Town (Goodwood)

Physical Address:
Corner Milton and Fischer Streets
Cape Town, 7460
South Africa

Martin Drysdale
Andrew Gersbach
Jaco de Beer
Shane Vidal-Hall
Boks van Elewee

Administrative Staff
Administrator: Chris McMinn

Church Office Tel: +27 21 591 8041
Church Office Email:
Church Website:
Twitter: N/A

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