Core Value 9: Racial Harmony

God has created all mankind in his own image; all people are of one blood, having descended from Adam (Genesis 5:1–3; Acts 17:26–28). Furthermore, God in Christ has broken down every wall that sin has made to separate us, creating one new humanity in Christ (Ephesians 2:13–18).

  • Therefore we affirm the dignity and human brotherhood of all mankind in addition to the unity of all believers in Christ regardless of race, colour or ethnicity (Colossians 3:11). We will therefore take steps personally and corporately to encourage racial and cultural harmony, expressing this visibly in our communities and churches.
  • We deny that there is any basis in reason or in the Bible for racial discrimination by any person against other people (Revelation 7:9).


  1. What forms does racism take in our society? How have you experienced it?
  2. Are there practices that society considers to be racial discrimination which are not?
  3. How does the first sentence provide a rationale against racism in general?
  4. What additional reason do Christians have for racial harmony?
  5. What does the first part of the affirmation say about our attitude toward other races?
  6. List some practical steps that can bring to pass the second part of the affirmation.


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