Core Value 14: Evangelism

God has ordained evangelism—the proclamation and teaching of the biblical message about Christ and him crucified—as the primary human activity through which he will call his elect people to salvation (1 Corinthians 1:17–25).

  • Therefore we affirm that in this regard our core activity is to unite efforts in God-centred evangelism and missions, through which Bible-believing churches will be established throughout and beyond (Matthew 28:18–20).
  • We deny that evangelism is an activity aimed at entertaining the lost and meeting their felt social needs (1 Corinthians 2:1–5).


  1. How is the activity (method) of evangelism defined?
  2. How is the message of evangelism defined?
  3. How does God use evangelism?
  4. According to the affirmation, what must evangelism result in?
  5. What makes evangelism God-centred?
  6. What is wrong with the activities mentioned in the denial?
  7. Why must God-centred evangelism be our “core activity” as an association?
  8. How can you and your church be more evangelistic?



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