For 500 years, Luther’s hammer at the Wittenburg door has shaken the world. What can the truths of the Reformation do for Africa? Pastors and churches are invited to fellowship over these truths with insightful speakers at the annual Sola 5 Conference, which will overlap with the 2017 Rezolution Conference.

The theme of the Conference is: Reforming Africa: Advancing the Protestant Reformation. Because this year’s conference is held in conjunction with the Rezolution Conference, there will be a ZAR150 Conference fee. Delegates who are members of Sola 5 churches are entitled to a ZAR50 discount. Payment details will be included in an automated email you receive following registration.

Food vendors will be available on site at the Conference, and delegate will be responsible to purchase their own meals. The first 100 out-of-town Sola 5 delegates (i.e. Sola 5 delegates who do not reside in Gauteng) will receive a cash contribution toward meal costs upon registration. This subsidy only applies to the first 100 out-of-town delegates registered.

You can complete an online registration form here.

This year’s Conference will be hosted by Antioch Bible Church in Johannesburg, South Africa from Thursday, 7 to Saturday, 9 September. Though Antioch is organising the Conference, they have hired a larger facility in order to expand seating capacity. The Conference will take place at the Fontainebleau Gemeenskapskerk in Rabie Street, Randburg (126 Rabie Street, Fontainebleau, Randburg, South Africa). The keynote speaker will be Voddie Baucham of the African Christian University in Zambia. There will also be opportunity to hear from six Sola 5 pastors.

  1. Seth Meyers (Louis Trichardt Baptist Church, South Africa): Why Does Africa Need a Reformation?
  2. Newton Chilingulo (Reformation Bible Church, Malawi): Race and the Reformation: Is Christianity a White Man’s Religion?
  3. Chris Mnguni (Grace Baptist Church, South Africa): Which of the Solas is Most Needed in Africa?
  4. Ronald Kalifungwa (Lusaka Baptist Church, Zambia): Martin Luther and the Reformation
  5. Martin Drysdale (Goodwood Baptist Church, South Africa): Biblical Lessons on Suffering from the Reformation
  6. Josh Mack (Living Hope Church, South Africa): A Forgotten Reformation Insight: The Theology of the Cross

On Saturday morning, we will also be privileged to hear from Richard Borgonon on evangelism in the workplace. The Conference schedule is as follows:

19:00–19:45—“Adam, Where Are You? A Call to Biblical Manhood” (Gavin Peacock)
20:00–20:45—“Have You Not Read? What Jesus Says About Sex and Sexuality” (Gavin Peacock)

08:00–09:00—Bookstore Open
09:00–09:45—“Applying the Reformation to Today’s Gender Chaos: The Basics” (Gavin Peacock)
09:45–11:00—Break / Bookstore Open
11:00–11:45—“Applying the Reformation to Gender Chaos: Marriage” (Gavin Peacock)
11:45–14:00—Lunch / Bookstore Open
14:00–15:00—Sola 5 Arrival and Registration
15:00–17:00—Sola 5 Annual Business Meeting
17:00–17:30—Break / Bookstore Open
17:30–19:00—Dinner Time / Bookstore Open
18:30–19:00—Rez Registration
19:00–20:30—Keynote Address 1 (Voddie Baucham)
20:30–20:45—Prayer Time

08:30–09:00—Registration/Bookstore Open
09:00–10:30—“Why Does Africa Need a Reformation?” (Seth Meyers)
10:30–11:00—Break / Bookstore Open
11:00–12:30—“Biblical Lessons on Suffering from the Reformation” (Martin Drysdale)
12:30–13:00—Prayer Time
13:00–14:30—Lunch Time / Bookstore Open
14:10–16:00—“Martin Luther and the Reformation” (Ronald Kalifungwa)
16:00–17:30—Free time / Bookstore Open
17:30–19:00—Dinner Time / Bookstore Open
19:00–20:30—Keynote Address 2 (Voddie Baucham)
20:30–20:45—Prayer Time

08:30–09:00—Registration / Bookstore Open
09:00–10:30—“The Cross-Cultural Message of the Reformation” (Newton Chilingulo)
10:30–11:00—Break / Bookstore Open
11:00–12:30—“Which of the Solas is Most Needed in Africa?” (Chris Mnguni)
12:30–14:00—Lunch Time / Bookstore Open
14:00–15:30—“The Theology of The Cross. A Forgotten Insight of the Reformation” (Josh Mack)
15:30–16:00—Break / Bookstore Open
16:00–17:30—Guest Speaker (Richard Borgnon)
17:00–18:30—Dinner Time / Bookstore Open
19:00–20:30—Keynote Address 3: Voddie Baucham