Central Baptist Church is a Reformed Baptist Church in Gaborone, Botswana, which exists as a joyful body of believers, zealous for God-honouring world transformation. The church strives to glorify God in promoting his joyful worship by evangelising sinners, establishing churches, and ministering spirituality and materially to the saints. The church was founded in 2004 with the help of Kabwata Baptist Church. Monametsi Bahudi, the church’s pastor, was initially a lay leader as the church went through its early stages, and was ordained to the ministry in July 2012 by Kabwata to serve as Central Baptist’s primary preaching pastor. Central Baptist oversees two other church plants in Francistown and Orapa.

Church Name: Central Baptist Church
Country: Botswana
Region: Gaborone
City: Gaborone

Physical Address:
Plot 17875
Gaborone West
Phase 1

Monametsi C. Bahudi

Administrative Staff
Administrator: Masariro Rugara

Church Office Tel: +267 7 228 9624
Church Office Email: cbcgab@gmail.com
Church Website: https://www.centralbaptistchurch.co.bw/
Facebook: facebook.com/cbcgabs
Twitter: twitter.com/cbcgabs

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