bica-coverthumbSola 5 has had the privilege of publishing an eighty-page booklet, written by Conrad Mbewe, pastor-teacher of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, on the biblical principles of inter-church associations. We are making these booklets available to Sola 5 churches at ZAR10 each. If you are interested in ordering some of these booklets for your church, please send a request to

About the booklet

On what basis can a local church associate with other local churches? What makes it necessary for a local church to do so? What are the biblical boundaries for inter-church associations? How far should we go in associating with other churches? What ought inter-church associational activities to be comprised of? What activities ought to bind us together in inter-church associational life?

In this booklet, Conrad Mbewe, pastor-teacher of Kabwata Baptist Church in Lusaka, Zambia, seeks to wrestle with and answer these questions. Conrad writes capably, from a biblical and insightful perspective, which is both refreshing and challenging.

The material in this booklet is used by specific permission of Conrad Mbewe (the author) and Granted Ministries (the publisher of the larger, more comprehensive book by Conrad Mbewe on the subject of church life and government, Foundations for the Flock.)