Summary Statement

Planned CampusTremendous successes were granted as ACU-USA saw 2013 open with two significant donations totaling $70,000 toward campus construction in Zambia; the development of a reconstituted, zealous Board for ACU-USA; the coming of Ray Warwick and David Wegener to serve full-time with ACU; the donation of all of the books needed to initiate ACU’s library; the contribution of $12,000 from individuals in the USA and Zambia to ship the donated books to Zambia; the decision by Lusaka Baptist Church to lease ACU land for campus development; and, God’s clear hand of direction in leading the ACU Board in Zambia to reconstitute and strengthen the foundations for a more solid initiation of academic programs in 2014. Even the more challenging events of 2013 revealed the wisdom and care of God in directing our steps according to His will. The loss of land sought in Shantumbu; the delays in securing land when desires to move forward with construction were compelling; and, the realisation that initiating the Scholars Program in January, 2014 would not be wise, despite the strenuous efforts to bring it about, as God made apparent by many roadblocks and disappointments. Thank you for your prayers throughout 2013 and as we strive to glorify God through

the work of ACU in 2014.

1. Developments in the USA

A. ACU Library

• Approximately 8,000 books were sacrificially donated from May through the end of 2013Books

• The ACU Library Shipment Campaign was tremendously blessed by God raising $12,000 ($7,000 from USA, $5,000 from Zambia) in about 3 months (initiated on Sep 17, 2013)! The books are expected to ship before the end of January.

B. Faculty Recruiting

• New faculty are continuing to raise support to come from N. America:

– Scholars Program Faculty: Chris & Keren Hays from MI, USA; Davey Hoffman (single) from MI, USA

– Theology Faculty: Carlos & Diana Paul (3 young children) from ON, Canada

• New staff are also working to raise support to come from N. America:

– Construction Project Manager: Jonathan & Johanna Noble (2 young children) from ON, Canada

– Business Entrepreneur for Student Labor Program: Antonio & Sinara Oliveira (2 teen children) from MA, USA

– Librarian: Kendra Hawley (single) from ON, Canada

• Recruits seriously praying about coming:

– Dean of Student Labor Program: Clayton & Lisa Huff (2 grown children) from MO, USA

– Agricultural Sciences: Marc & Nancy Pachioli (several children) from PA, USA

– Education Faculty: Dr. Marilyn Meell (coming with husband Howard to serve in other mission work) (grown children) from MI, USA

C. Student Labor Program (SLP) and Agricultural Programs

• Tent-making Mission’s Orientation: Antonio Oliveira attended a Global Opportunities Seminar Oct 16-20 in Orlando, FL. This advanced a relationship with this organisation already nurtured by Ken for a few years. Tent-making Missions gives an understanding of the self-supporting, tent-making mission’s approach that we desire SLP Disciplers to engage in and to teach ACU students to establish a kingdom, mission mindset.

• Ken met with a top individual in USDA conservation farming in the USA and now two men (Dave Brandt & Ray Archuletta) are very interested in helping ACU initiate conservation farming agricultural programs on a commercial scale as part of ACU’s Agricultural programs.

Ken Turnbull

Ken Turnbull

D. Cooperative Agreements for ACU Backstop Institutes

In July and again in November, Ken met with the Presidents of three Christian institutes in the USA and one in Canada to initiate Cooperative Agreements for them to become backstop institutes of ACU. These include one in theology: Toronto Baptist Seminary (Dr. Glendon Thompson, President); and three with multi-disciplinary Christian Universities that including theology: Covenant College (Dr. Derek Halvorson, President), The Master’s College (Dr. John MacArthur, Chancellor), and Bethlehem College and Seminary (Dr. John Piper, Chancellor). AFRICAN CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

E. New Appointments and Removals on the ACU-USA Board

Newly appointed to the ACU-USA Board are Dan Pentimone (Chairman, Pastor of Christ Fellowship of South Kansas City), Dan Chittock (Secretary, Pastor of Bethesda Baptist Church) and Ron Thomas (Director of Development, Loan Officer). Continuing to serve on the Board are Ken Bennett (Treasurer, Harp’s Grocery Store Insurance Manager), Tedd Tripp (Author and Conference Speaker), Ray Warwick and Ken Turnbull. John LaTour was removed from the Board and dismissed as an ACU-USA accountant. Wayne Kellogg stepped down from the Board for retirement.

F. New ACU-USA Staff

• Rebekah Martin (Fayetteville, AR) joined the ACU-USA staff as the bookkeeper

• Rachel Shapiro (Thousand Oaks, CA) joined the staff as the format designer for the monthly Prayer Update

• Heather Adams (Columbia, MO) joined the staff as a journalist helping with “Spotlight” articles for the Prayer Update

• Jean Davis (Johannesburg, RSA) joined our staff as a volunteer to assist with editing the Prayer Update

G. New ACU Website

A new ACU website is almost online. It is being done through the volunteer efforts of Tony Barmann (USA), Grant Yost (USA) and Ken Turnbull. It should be on-line by the time this is read (

H. ACU Promotional Videos

Tim Connor (Alteris Group, Detroit, MI) and his video production team graciously volunteered their expertise to produce two, 3 minute, professional videos for the ACU website and other promotional use. All travel arrangements and expenses were graciously covered by Bethesda Baptist Church (Pr. Dan Chittock) for Chancellor Mbewe and Vice Chancellor Turnbull to help with the video productions.

II. ACU Promotional Opportunities

• Dan Pentimone (ACU-USA Board Chairman) attended the G3 Conference (Jan, 2013) in order to promote ACU

• Ken Turnbull and David Wegener attended the MTW Conference (Nov, 2013) to recruit and promote ACU

J. ACU-USA Campus Construction Fund

God graciously appointed two anonymous donors who gave a total of $70,000 towards construction of the ACU campus!

2. Developments in Zambia

A. Faculty Assignments for the 2014 Scholars Program (SP)

• Bible’s Grand Narrative: David Wegener (MTW missionary)

• Language Arts: Ray Warwick (ACU-USA missionary)

• Christian Reasoning & Rhetoric: Ronald Kalifungwa (Pastor, LBC)

• Computer Skills: Gilbert Nigh (SIM missionary, TEN3 Ministries)

• Maths: Davey Hoffman

• Dean of Student Labor: Still seeking (KenTurnbull)

B. New Appointments

Conrad Mbewe

Conrad Mbewe

• Chancellor: Conrad Mbewe (Pastor, KBC)

• Vice Chancellor: Ken Turnbull (ACU-USA missionary)

• Management Team

– Academic Dean: Ray Warwick (ACU-USA missionary)

– Dean of Seminary / Registrar: David Wegener (MTW missionary)

– Dean of Students / Education Consultant: Wilson Tembo (volunteer, Evangel BC)

– Finance Director: Watson Lumba (volunteer, LBC)

– Administrative Assistant: Anne Phiri (volunteer, LBC)

C. Scholars Programme Materials:

Although the Scholars Programme was postponed from the Jan, 2014 start date, several key materials were completed:

• An ACU Scholars Programme prospectus (Student Handbook)

• A summary brochure with programme details

• A student application

• Other materials for programme initiation CHRISTIAN UNIVERSITY

AdminD. Financial Support Commitments for:

• ACU Headquarters:

Chancellor Mbewe arranged agreements from the stake holding churches to support ACU with K10,000/month for ACU’s central offices and associated workers. Property in Crossroads area is to be occupied on 1 Feb, 2014.

• Hiring Administrators:

Chancellor Mbewe firmed up the previous financial commitments from the ACU stake holding churches to begin in October. It is hoped that this will allow for two critical hires:

– Office Administrator

– Registrar / Dean of Students

E. ACU Land for Campus Development

We are grateful to God for His provision of 150 acres of land that Lusaka Baptist Church graciously agreed to lease to ACU. It was approved by LBC that the property will be ceded after 20 years, assuming that ACU ACU-Logodemonstrates progress in development.

F. ACU Zambian 450 Campaign

An ACU “450 Campaign” was initiated in Zambia. The 450 campaign seeks 400 partners to give K50/month for ACU. We are excited to see God motivate the Zambian Reformed Baptist Churches to initiate the this giving campaign. Pray for Gladys Mposha (KBC) as she leads up the campaign effort.

G. Consultant for ACU Strategic Planning

The ACU Board was privileged to meet with Dr. Tim Tomlinson (President, Bethlehem College and Seminary). He helped ACU to realise the critical need for further foundational development of the Board so that leadership of ACU and communication with the stake-holding Reformed Baptist Churches might be better facilitated.

H. Reconstitution of ACU-Zambia Board

Please pray for the ACU Board as reorganisation and focus on the fundamental mission, vision core values and education philosophy of ACU are deeply explored and enlivened to each members’ heart and mind.

III. Developments in South Africa

A. ACU South African 200 Campaign

An ACU “200 Campaign” is being developed in South Africa. The 200 campaign seeks 200 partners to give R200/month for ACU. Please pray for God’s grace and provision. Pray that they can organise and mobilise those who can effectively promote the ACU project.

B. Tax Exempt Issues

ACU South Africa has not been successful in its bid for tax-exemption through SARS as a Section 18a non-profit organisation. The problem is that ACU in Zambia as a Company Limited by Guarantee is not tax-exempt. Zambian assistance is needed in order to determine how ACU can be awarded tax-exempt status.


Ken Turnbull & Family

Ken Turnbull & Family

Prepared by: ACU Vice Chancellor – Dr. Ken Turnbull (Lusaka Baptist Church)