Francois van der Westhuizen

IMG_6101It was a joy and privilege to be able to host the Sola 5 conference this year, and we are full of thanksgiving to the Lord for His mercies. Many folk in the church were involved and shared how they shed tears at the culmination of the event. It brought people together and provided opportunities for service at many levels. Special recognition deserves to go to Francois vd Westhuizen, our local facilitator. His outstanding efforts freed the eldership to give attention to shepherding the flock of God.

Now that the conference is over, those matters put on hold have swarmed to occupy our attention. As is often the case, many struggles are those one cannot prudently share, or are confidential. Suffice to say that the leadership needs much wisdom and energy, and for that we request your prayers. Trying to juggle priorities makes us feel our creatureliness. It is also sobering to see how easily the devil can gain a foothold in people’s lives.

IMG_6052Aside from that, we have been encouraged by a recent surge in interest in evangelism. A number of young adults from the church are going to Long DSC02925street (Cape Town) on Friday night, to share Christ amongst those frequenting the restaurants and clubs there. One evening they could not leave because people kept approaching to them to ask about the faith. There have also been other encouraging signs of an evangelistic zeal amongst various members, and this is bearing some fruit in various areas of service in the local church. I hope to have more detailed news to report next time around, as some of these things are in the very early stages. Please pray that we would be discerning and patient in this area.

We have been pleased to see a slowly growing diversity in the congregation, with respect to different cultures in attendance. Pray that we would “walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which [we] have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to DSC02973maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace”. Pray also that growth would continue in every respect. A number of our choice saints are near to glory!

Lastly, much of our recent teaching had been focussing on the doctrines of grace, as part of the build up to the Sola 5 conference. There are a numberIMG_6063 for whom this was “new”, despite these things being part of our confession of faith. So please pray that we would rightly receive and believe, being galvanized to worship and greater acts of service.

IMG_3563Warmly in Christ

Martin Drysdale