Man van GodDear Reader
I trust you are well and are continually keeping the next Pastor’s Seminar in prayer.
We are very excited about the next Pastor’s Seminar happening on 20 September 2014 with Nico Van Der Walt as our main speaker. The theme for the seminar is Jeremiah 6:16 “Back to the old paths”. It is a call for our Pentecostal brothers to return back to Sola Scriptura in preaching and in the way they lead their congregations. To lead God’s church, God’s way, for God’s glory alone!
We have had a lot of excitement and enquiries about this upcoming Pastor’s Seminar, especially due to the success of the first one. The pastors that attended the first one will attend again and have invited some of their fellow pastors to also attend. We even had one of the pastors rebuking another pastor for not attending the first one.
We trust that the Lord is steering this ministry amongst the Pentecostal pastors and He is creating a thirst within them for truth that is not mix with human ideologies, but has the Bible as its only authority.
We will once again send out a call for support towards this seminar and pray that those churches and individuals who gave towards the first Pastor’s Seminar would not get tired in giving again towards this second one.
We would need approximately R2500 to cover all costs for this seminar, but I will send more details with regards to this later.
We will again ask Goodwood Baptist Church for the use of their church bank account for deposits.
Please send this to our Sola 5 family.
Constantly keep us and the seminar in your prayers.
Soli Deo Gloria
Reformed Faith Mission