Swakopmund Baptist Church (SBC) was founded in 1979 when Bob Blevins of the Southern Baptist Convention started one of the first English-speaking evangelical churches in Swakopmund. Today SBC continues to glorify God by making disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ of all peoples.

The mission of SBC is to deliberately penetrate our and other cultures with the gospel and focus all our resources on producing world-impacting disciple-makers (Acts 2:42–47).

Discipling All Peoples

We believe Jesus’ commission and God’s purpose for his church is to glorify God by discipling all peoples (Acts 2:42–47; Matthew 28:18–20; Ephesians 1:9–10).

Discipleship glorifies God by helping others become like Christ and so extend God’s kingdom as disciples are established in the Word of God, the fellowship of believers and the ministry of Christ.

To be effective in, and equipped for, cross-cultural ministry, we focus on discipleship that transcends culture by discipling all peoples in our local church and sending those whose calling is confirmed to continue to make disciples in other cultures.

Following Christ and becoming like him is the vision of every member of SBC and therefore every member is a discipling disciple of Jesus. All that SBC does is for the sake of God’s glory in all nations and amongst every people group.

We equip our men, women, boys and girls to multiply the gospel by making disciples of all peoples with their lives and to be a faith family of world-impacting disciples who believe that as a local church we can reach every people group for Jesus’ glory.

Church Name: Swakopmund Baptist Church
Country: Namibia
Region: Erongo
City: Swakopmund

Physical Address:
25 Schwester-Frieda Street
Swakopmund, 9000

Claude Sterley

Administrative Staff:
Secretary: Julia Shindinge

Church Office Tel: +264 64 405402
Church Office Email: swakopchurch01@iway.na
Facebook: facebook.com/swakopmundbaptistchurch/

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