Membership in Sola 5 is not contingent upon financial support. However, there are certain cost implications to maintaining the association. To this end, there is a centralised Sola 5 fund, to which member churches can voluntarily contribute. Funds contributed are used to fund occasional travel costs for steering committee meetings, provide funding for the church hosting the annual conference, and possible support of ministries and ministers related to Sola 5. A member church may at any time request a detailed accounting of Sola 5 funds from the association’s administrator.

If you wish to donate, on an ongoing or a once-off basis, to the association, you can make your donation to the following South African bank account.

For more information, email

Sola 5 Banking Details

Account Name: Sola 5
Account Type: Cheque
Account Number: 4064746747
Banking Institution: Absa Bank
Branch Code: 632005
Swift Code: ABSAZAJJ