Germiston Baptist Church is a happy, united, family church comprising members from all walks of life; it has a wide diversity of cultures, races, ages, and socio-economic brackets. One of the features of life at Germiston is the multi-cultural and multi-generational flavour of most of our gatherings. While we do have special ministries to the youth and ladies, our focus is on the unity of the church rather than departmentalisation. Germiston Baptist Church is a Bible-believing congregation.

Although the church is not large and the area has become run down, we do enjoy a great spirit of unity in Christ. This is evident, despite our wonderful cultural, racial, social, and economic diversity.  We truly are a church that is modelled after the Antioch prototype.

By God’s grace, we have survived the many changes that have occurred in the city and context into which we minister: from a small mining village in the midst of a civil war to an industrial town and from a bustling city to an area facing urban decay. GBC has survived two world wars, a severe flu epidemic, the Rand Revolt, the Great Depression, and apartheid. In all of these situations, God’s hand of preservation has been upon the church and he has used it as an effective witness and means of his grace in the East Rand.

As we travel through modern-day Germiston to get to the church, we cannot help but notice the urban decay, the signs of poverty, and a society losing self-respect. However, this only gives us an increased appreciation for the precious gift of a loving, caring, united and happy local church that the Lord has given to us. It is a blessing to have a church comprising a rich diversity of races, cultures, economic classes, ages, and so on.

We are asked, from time to time, whether we have ever considered relocating to “better” surroundings.  The answer is that it would be impossible for us to do so, humanly speaking.  Our current property is virtually unmarketable. So, if the Lord wanted us to move, he would show us by making the impossible possible. However, as one member observed, we are like an oasis in a bleak landscape. Who, then, would minister into this very needy area in which the Lord, by his providence, has placed us?

Heralds of Grace and Truth Alone

John wrote that “grace and truth came through Jesus Christ” (John 1:17). It is the stated mission of Germiston Baptist Church to herald the grace and truth of Jesus Christ to our community and beyond. Come join us for expository, evangelistic preaching; worship according to the regulative principles of God’s word; warm, loving fellowship within the community of God’s people; evangelistic outreach through our outside ministries.; and in-depth study of God’s word.

Church Name: Germiston Baptist Church
Country: South Africa
Region: Gauteng
City: Germiston

Physical Address:
82 Queen Street
Germiston, 1401
South Africa

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Administrative Staff

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